The Gold of Fairnilee

Read by John

(4.3 stars; 30 reviews)

A fairy story set in Scotland about Jean and Randal and what happens when Randal disappears into fairyland. This is Lang's second fairy tale after Princess Nobody - an enchanting story with occasional Scottish dialect. Randal Ker, son of a Scottish knight, has the rashness to wish at a wishing well that 'he might see the Fairy Queen' and is then is carried off by her to her own dominions and is kept there until a grown man. A true fairy tale. . - Summary by Phil Chenevert (1 hr 51 min)


I.—The Old House 3:42 Read by John
II.—How Randal’s Father Came Home 8:35 Read by John
III.—How Jean was brought to Fairnlee 8:32 Read by John
IV—Randal and Jean. 12:37 Read by John
V.—The Good Folk 6:58 Read by John
VI.—The Wishing Well 8:02 Read by John
VII.—Where is Randal? 11:09 Read by John
VIII.—The Ill Years 9:40 Read by John
IX.—The White Roses 7:24 Read by John
X.—Out of fairyland 9:39 Read by John
XI.—The Fairy Bottle 6:18 Read by John
XII.—At the Catrail 6:31 Read by John
XIII.—The Gold of Fairnilee. 12:41 Read by John


(5 stars)

Beautiful story, loved it. The reader has a very pleasant voice and did a great job with the different personalities and the Irish accent. Being not a native English speaker I'm fascinated of the different English accents and the historical English. Thank you very much, dear reader! :3

a good fairy tale

(5 stars)

I enjoyed the change of pace from my usual choices The reader did an excellent production Thank you

(4.5 stars)

I love Andrew Lang stories. although this one pulled in some places and seemed a bit incoherence in others.

(4 stars)

nice Fairy Tail I enjoyed this slow reading