Adventures Of The Infallible Godahl

Read by Winston Tharp

(4.3 stars; 70 reviews)

Frederick Irving Anderson was a New York newspaperman who had a second career writing mystery stories for the "slick" magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post. The Infallible Godahl is a collection of some of his first stories. Godahl is a clever gentleman thief, who might be thought of as an American version of Raffles or Arsene Lupin. - Summary by Winston Tharp (5 hr 3 min)


The Infallible Godahl - Part 1 43:49 Read by Winston Tharp
The Infallible Godahl - Part 2 28:29 Read by Winston Tharp
Blind Man's Bluff 38:51 Read by Winston Tharp
The Night of a Thousand Thieves 49:29 Read by Winston Tharp
Counterpoint 41:30 Read by Winston Tharp
The Fifth Tube 41:24 Read by Winston Tharp
An All-Star Cast - Part 1 34:35 Read by Winston Tharp
An All-Star Cast - Part 2 25:01 Read by Winston Tharp


(4 stars)

I enjoyed these short stories of the larcenous exploits of Godahl, who is so famous that he is known only by his last name. Always one step ahead of the police, he devises extravagantly detailed heists of jewelry, bonds, and cash to fund his very comfortable lifestyle. He reminded me of Simon Templar, but without the scruples. I especially enjoyed the author's detailed description of New York City in the early 20th century. The narrator was perfect.

Thought provoking stories.

(5 stars)

To me, the stories are thought provoking in a manner that resembles Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Also, the author's descriptive abilities really pulls you into the scenarios. Plus, the narrator is excellent! Leaves me wanting another book, to get me though the night.

(3.5 stars)

An excellant reader. Amusing short stories of a master criminal, some were a little dated but that is to be expected with fiction from 1914. I found the two "high tech" crime stories the best and ahead of their time.


(5 stars)

Offbeat stories of an offbeat person. Very entertaining and very well read. I wish there were more.

Well Read. Extremely Entertaining.

(5 stars)

For some reason, I found this a lot more endearing and entertaining than I thought I would.

Classic detective stories

(3.5 stars)

A collection of classic detective stories from a by gone era excellently performed by the reader.

a crash course ...

(5 stars)

... in American History that will enthrall you unlike anything else imo. !130623!

Out of the Ordinary and Delightful

(5 stars)

A excellent reader. Fascinating stories.