The Testimony of the Suns, and other Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is the first published volume of poetry by Californian author and poet George Sterling. These poems are the beginning of Sterling's great career as a poet, and include a number of poems in the style for which he would become famous. That style is dark and with supernatural elements, in the tradition of Thomas Hood and Edgar Allan Poe. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 51 min)


Dedication to Ambrose Bierce 4:33 Read by Eva Davis
Memorial Day, 1901 8:37 Read by Sonia
Poesy 3:50 Read by CJ Baars
The City of Music 1:07 Read by Eva Davis
To one Loved 1:57 Read by Eva Davis
The Summer of the Gods 1:10 Read by Eva Davis
The Lords of Pain 1:03 Read by Nemo
The Fog Siren 1:25 Read by Jude
To Miss Constance Crawley in 'Everyman' 0:49 Read by H.K. Virgil
To Imagination 1:23 Read by H.K. Virgil
To a Lily 1:30 Read by Caitlin Audra
'With the Strength of Dreams' 0:54 Read by H.K. Virgil
The Testimony of the Suns 31:44 Read by Sonia
Music 11:27 Read by Eva Davis
A White Rose 2:21 Read by Nemo
The Soul's Exile 1:30 Read by Nemo
In the Beginning 1:54 Read by Nemo
Memory of the Dead 1:04 Read by Caitlin Audra
To my Wife 1:00 Read by Sonia
The Haunting 1:15 Read by Ian King
War 1:15 Read by Ian King
Nightmare 1:13 Read by Nemo
The Spirit of Beauty 3:08 Read by Sonia
To Katherine 1:05 Read by Sonia
Mystery 0:57 Read by Nemo
To my Sister 2:49 Read by Sonia
The Poets 1:06 Read by Sonia
Reincarnation 1:17 Read by Ian King
On Reading the Poems of Father Tabb 0:43 Read by Sonia
The Parting 1:14 Read by Sonia
Words for Lange's 'Blumenlied' 0:50 Read by Sonia
The Altar-Flame 1:06 Read by Sonia
To One Asking Lighter Songs 1:19 Read by Sonia
The Sea-Fog 1:08 Read by Sonia
The Nile 1:04 Read by Sonia
Darkness 1:27 Read by Sonia
The Ideal 1:07 Read by Sonia
To Colonel John S. Engs 0:31 Read by Sonia
'Sad Sea-Horizons' 1:52 Read by Sonia
Evening 1:11 Read by Sonia
Ultima Thule 1:28 Read by Sonia
The Swoon 1:05 Read by Sonia
The City and the Silence 1:07 Read by Nemo
The Directory 1:11 Read by Sonia