Gleanings in Buddha Fields

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.9 stars; 11 reviews)

Lafcadio Hearn was one of the first Westerners to live in Japan during the early Meiji era, and a prolific writer. Although chiefly known for his collections of Japanese ghost stories (in particular Kwaidan), he also wrote many non-fiction essays about his life in Japan.

This book contains 11 essays covering a variety of topics. For example, Hearn writes about his visits to Kyoto and Osaka, Japanese art, as well as Buddhism and Nirvana. (Summary by Availle)

Prooflisteners for this book were Isana and Margot. (6 hr 25 min)


A Living God 37:11 Read by Availle
Out Of the Street 14:32 Read by Tom Penn
Notes of a Trip to Kyoto Part 1 21:15 Read by Availle
Notes of a Trip to Kyoto Part 2 35:08 Read by Availle
Dust 16:02 Read by MaryAnn
About Faces in Japanese Art 30:02 Read by MaryAnn
Ningyo-No-Haka 7:37 Read by Nuria
In Osaka Part 1 41:34 Read by Availle
In Osaka Part 2 30:41 Read by Availle
Buddhist Allusion in Japanese Folksong 38:51 Read by Corrinne LePage
Nirvana Part 1 38:26 Read by Dan McAdam
Nirvana Part 2 33:06 Read by Dan McAdam
The Rebirth of Katsugoro 31:46 Read by Corrinne LePage
Within the Circle 8:54 Read by Eva Davis


good book

(5 stars)

readers were easy and enjoyable to listen to. The first half of the book is about Japanese culture and the second half is about Buddhist philosophy and belief.

very good

(5 stars)

Another gem from the wonderful Librivox. excellent reader . some prophetic revelations here and there. Mr hearn is one smart cookie.