Hooded Detective: 6 Action Packed Pulp Detective Stories

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(4 stars; 10 reviews)

Evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men and many nefarious schemes are hatched by these gangsters, mob bosses and super villains. But thankfully, equally brave, talented detectives (some of them hooded) are there to track them down and thwart their twisted plans. These six stories, along with two "true fact detective shorts" were in the magazine Hooded Detective, January 1942. Are they well written? well, no, but they are fun. Here are a few of the blurbs: "They had expected spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner, but were served instead, hot lead, with a little bit of blood on the side...." (A Dinner Date with Murder) "Wilson Lamb cuddled his automatic to play "Mr. Death" and fingered little Louis Engel for coffin cargo. But when he pulled the trigger, Whisper the gun-cobra from Chi spilled out of Doom's deck.." (Candidate for a Coffin). How can you top that last sentence? - Summary by Phil chenevert (3 hr 23 min)


Candidate For A Coffin 47:11 Read by dg73
One Hundred Bucks For A Stiff 37:15 Read by dg73
Death is Deaf 19:09 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
Three Guesses 37:11 Read by dg73
The Cop Was A Coward 26:41 Read by Scotty Smith
The Strange Case of William Long: A true case detective short 14:11 Read by deongines
A Dinner Date With Murder 8:54 Read by Jennifer Fournier
Artistic Murders Misfire: A true case detective short 12:50 Read by Larry Wilson


Thumbs up! I was surprised!! :-)

(4.5 stars)

Much better than I thought it would be. Each chapter is a short, complete story with main character differing in each. Last chapter has a "don't commit murder like this or you'll get caught" section. Might be necessary for some to read :D Different narrators did well.

(4 stars)

not bad. no hooded detective though