Something New

Read by Debra Lynn

(4.6 stars; 194 reviews)

When the absent-minded Earl of Emsworth wanders off with the pride of his scarab collection, American millionaire J. Preston Peters is willing to pay $5000 to the person who can get it back for him. Discretion is necessary since Peters’ daughter is engaged to Emsworth’s son. Joan Valentine and Ashe Marson both decide to go after the reward—she as Aline Peter’s ladies maid, and he as Mr. Peter’s valet—and they all end up at Blandings Castle. But is it possible for anyone to steal back the scarab with The Efficient Baxter ever vigilant? This is, IMHO, one of Wodehouse’s funniest novels. –Debra Lynn

(7 hr 33 min)


Chapter 01 28:10 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 02 19:48 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 03a 40:22 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 03b 40:07 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 04 23:46 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 05a 33:55 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 05b 31:45 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 05c 34:45 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 06 27:47 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 07 23:19 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 08 35:35 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 09 41:06 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 10 6:35 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 11a 34:38 Read by Debra Lynn
Chapter 11b & Chapter 12 32:15 Read by Debra Lynn


(5 stars)

This is my favorite Wodehouse book! I have listened to it probably 5 times! The story is top notch and hilarious! I literally laughed out loud at times. :-) The reader is also excellent. :-) I definitely recommend it. This would also be a great book to introduce someone to Wodehouse.

A comedy of familiar Wodehouse characters, full of situational humor and a bit …

(4.5 stars)

The reader was pleasant to listen to and has a cheerful air which goes very well with the mood and setting of the story. The story itself was fun to hear and a nice length (characters and scenes did not become tedious as they do on occasion with Wodehouse). I enjoyed the “get up and go” attitude of Joan and Ash.

Good clean fun told with wit and aplomb!

(5 stars)

I love that simple, fun stories of normal people and told with a sly English wit, can run circles around modern day sex, violence, and profanity laced comedy novels! All of Mr. Wodehouse's storys are delightful and filled with laugh-out-loud, comedic genius. All said, it's the memorable characters we readers come to know and love! Nice voice work, too! Thanks to all! I love Librivox!

Mostly good book

(4 stars)

I have to say I did not laugh as much with this book as I have for other Wodehouse books, but it is still pretty good. The summary covers the plot quite well, it is a novel about misunderstandings, miscommunication, and love. All tied up in a bow with a happy ending... The reader does a good job. No complaints, enjoy!

Something New

(4.5 stars)

I did not like this book as much as others by the same author. Not a lot actually happened and it was somewhat slow paced, but it was good listening anyway. Thebreadet, Debra Lynn, did a very good job. Hope to find many other books read ny her. She has the five stars. the book itself has four stars. Thank you.

Amusing story

(5 stars)

Hilarious story of the rivals in a drama of stealing back a stolen scarab. One of P.G. Wodehouse's most amusing stories. Well worth listening to! & a pleasing reader also. You won't be disappointed. P.S. A dash of Wodehouse romance rounds out the story nicely.

(4 stars)

some really funny moments in this book. glad he managed to squeeze a Wooster in there. lol I appreciate this reader. she clearly understands this genre and reads accordingly.

Author and Reader are excellent.

(3.5 stars)

I didn't find it at all funny or comic. yet, absolutely entertaining. This is very enjoyable. Worth anyone's time.