The May Flower and Miscellaneous Writings

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Included herein are 35 charming short stories or humorous sketches, some written as exercises for the literary Semi-Colon Club of Cincinnati which Stowe belonged to for years, others published in magazines of the time, and 7 religious poems. Stowe honed her expressive skills on many of these before writing her first serious novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and 30 other books that followed. They showcase her considerable skill even as a young writer, and she made good money doing it, often supporting her family. This collection, named after a flower native to the east coast, likely the Anemone hepatica, or 'May flower', should not to be confused with another collection by Stowe, The Mayflower, which provides sketches of several descendants of the Pilgrims. - Summary by Michele Fry (14 hr 33 min)


Introduction 3:07 Read by Michele Fry
1.1 Uncle Lot 34:56 Read by Jim Locke
1.2 Uncle Lot 30:25 Read by Jim Locke
2.1 LOVE versus LAW 28:12 Read by Jim Locke
2.2 LOVE versus LAW 31:22 Read by Jim Locke
2.3 LOVE versus LAW 29:57 Read by Jim Locke
3 The Tea Rose 16:51 Read by Michele Fry
4 Trials Of A Housekeeper 12:50 Read by Michele Fry
5 Little Edward 14:09 Read by Jim Locke
6 Aunt Mary 17:11 Read by Jim Locke
7 Frankness 10:02 Read by Michele Fry
8.1 The Sabbath - Sketches 23:48 Read by Jim Locke
8.2 The Sabbath - Sketches 12:48 Read by Jim Locke
8.3 The Sabbath - Sketches 20:03 Read by Jim Locke
9 Let Every Man Mind His Own Business 47:28 Read by Jim Locke
10 Cousin William 24:31 Read by Jim Locke
11 The Ministration of our Departed Friends - A New Year's Revery 12:12 Read by Jim Locke
12 Mrs A. and Mrs. B; or What She Thinks About It 15:00 Read by Jim Locke
13 Christmas; or, The Good Fairy 18:17 Read by April6090
14 Earthly Care A Heavenly Discipline 18:49 Read by Emma Charlotte
15 Conversation On Conversation 17:44 Read by Kate Follis
16 How Do We Know? 8:46 Read by Kathleen Moore
17 Which is the Liberal Man? 30:25 Read by Michele Fry
18 The Elder's Feast - A Tradition of Laodicea 17:33 Read by Jim Locke
19.1 Little Fred, The Canal Boy 18:40 Read by Jim Locke
19.2 Little Fred, The Canal Boy 20:20 Read by Jim Locke
20 The Canal Boat 15:56 Read by Jim Locke
21 Feeling 9:56 Read by April6090
22 The Seamstress 28:03 Read by Kate Follis
23 Old Father Morris - A Sketch From Nature 20:13 Read by Kate Follis
24 The Two Alters, or Two Pictures In One 31:19 Read by Michele Fry
25 A Scholar's Adventures In The Country 28:16 Read by Michele Fry
26 Woman, Behold Thy Son! 24:03 Read by Kate Follis
27 The Coral Ring 26:42 Read by realisticspeakers
28 Art and Nature 18:34 Read by Michele Fry
29 Children 6:41 Read by April6090
30 How To Make Friends With Mammon 24:24 Read by Kate Follis
31 A Scene In Jerusalem 17:30 Read by Larry Wilson
32 The Old Meeting House - Sketch From the Note Book Of An Old Gentleman 21:57 Read by Kate Follis
33 The New-Year's Gift 23:57 Read by April6090
34 The Old Oak Of Andover - A Revery 10:47 Read by Larry Wilson
35 Our Wood Lot In Winter 11:06 Read by Kathleen Moore
36 Poems -The Charmer 3:44 Read by Kathleen Moore
37 Poems - Pilgrim's Song In The Desert 2:37 Read by Larry Wilson
38 Poems - Mary At The Cross 4:47 Read by Larry Wilson
39 Poems - Christian Peace 1:35 Read by Larry Wilson
40 Poems - Abide In Me And I In You - The Soul's Answer 2:05 Read by Larry Wilson
41 Poems - When I Awake I Am Still With Thee 1:41 Read by Larry Wilson
42 Poems - Christ's Voice In The Soul 2:02 Read by Larry Wilson


(5 stars)

A very interesting collection of vignettes of early Florida settlements just after the Civil War.