The Madman: His Parables And Poems and The Forerunner: His Parables And Poems

Read by David Wales

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Two short books by the Lebanese-American writer, poet, and mystic. Reflections on existence and life, purpose and meaning. His most famous work is The Prophet (1923).

The Madman, Part 1: Introduction; God; My Friend; The Scarecrow; The Sleep-Walkers; The Wise Dog; The Two Hermits; On Giving And Taking; The Seven Selves; War; The Fox; The Wise King; Ambition; The New Pleasure; The Other Language; The Pomegranate; The Two Cages; The Three Ants; The Grave Digger; On The Steps Of The Temple; The Blessed City.

The Madman, Part 2: The Good God and The Evil God; Defeat; Night and The Madman; Faces; The Greater Sea; Crucified; The Astronomer; The Great Longing; Said A Blade Of Grass; The Eye; The Two Learned Men; When My Sorrow Was Born; And When My Joy Was Born; ‘The Perfect World’.

The Forerunner, Part 1: Introduction; God’s Fool; Love; The King-Hermit; The Lion’s Daughter; Tyranny; The Saint; The Plutocrat; The Greater Self; War And The Small Nations; Critics; Poets; The Weather-Cock; The King Of Aradus; Out Of My Deeper Heart.

The Forerunner, Part 2: Dynasties; Knowledge And Half-Knowledge; ‘Said A Sheet Of Snow-White Paper…’; The Scholar And The Poet; Values; Other Seas; Repentance; The Dying Man And The Vulture; Beyond My Solitude; The Last Watch. ( david wales) (1 hr 32 min)


Section 1 25:52 Read by David Wales
Section 2 20:15 Read by David Wales
Section 3 26:04 Read by David Wales
Section 4 20:29 Read by David Wales



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