England and the Hundred Years' War

Read by Pamela Nagami

(4.7 stars; 47 reviews)

This little book by the British military historian, Charles Oman, begins with the accession of the warrior king, Edward III, to the English throne in 1327 and ends with the downfall of Richard III at Bosworth Field in 1485. By carrying the story of the Hundred Years' War through the Wars of the Roses, Oman portrays this era of battle and plague within the larger context of the dynastic struggles and civil wars which destabilized England and left France vulnerable to invasion and conquest. Summary by Pamela Nagami. (5 hr 52 min)


Good Reader

(5 stars)

i don't like to see reviews that criticise readers/ narrators. They are volunteers after all, but the first thing i check is whether the reader is tolerable to my ears. This lady is excellent, so all is well

(5 stars)

A great, accessible summary of the very complicated Hundred Years War and Wars of the Roses. And as always an excellent read by Pamela Nagami. Might actually be a good introduction before listening to the dramatisations of Shakespeare's Wars of the Roses plays here on Librivox!

Great historical information

(5 stars)

The narrator, Pamela Nagami, does a fantastic job while taking us through the author's detailed description of events. I've read numerous books regarding historical situations and 'England and the Hundred Year's War' just became one of my favorites.


(5 stars)

No one will ever truly explain the War of the Roses, but this a fine attempt. No one can ever express how well PM narrates history.

solid book excellent narration

(5 stars)

A standard history in the spare British scholarly fashion given a great reading by the narrator.

(5 stars)

Concise history is an ideal companion to Shakespeare’s history plays. Nagami’s reading is pleasing and flawless.


(4 stars)

A good attempt to sort out a complex period In English history!