Nye and Riley's Wit and Humor

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"What this country needs, aside from a new Indian policy and a style of poison for children which will be liable to kill rats if they eat it by accident, is a Railway Guide which will be just as good two years ago as it was next spring—a Railway Guide, if you please, which shall not be cursed by a plethora of facts, or poisoned with information—a Railway Guide that shall be rich with doubts and lighted up with miserable apprehensions. In other Railway Guides, pleasing fancy, poesy and literary beauty, have been throttled at the very threshold of success, by a wild incontinence of facts, figures, asterisks and references to meal stations. For this reason a guide has been built at our own shops and on a new plan. It is the literary piece de resistance of the age in which we live. It will not permit information to creep in and mar the reader's enjoyment of the scenery. It contains no railroad map which is grossly inaccurate. It has no time-table in it which has outlived its uselessness. It does not prohibit passengers from riding on the platform while the cars are in motion. It permits every one to do just as he pleases and rather encourages him in taking that course." - Bill Nye (4 hr 49 min)


Biographical 6:43 Read by DrPGould
Why it was done 4:16 Read by Stu Hollowell
Where He First Met His Parents 4:48 Read by Stu Hollowell
Never Talk Back 0:59 Read by RecordingPerson
The Gruesome Ballad of Mr. Squincher 1:22 Read by RecordingPerson
Anecdotes of Jay Gould 9:17 Read by Tom Penn
A Fall Crick View of the Earthquake 2:07 Read by Cyndy
August 1:15 Read by Sean McElrath
Julius Caesar in Town 8:32 Read by Michael Fassio
His First Womern 1:26 Read by Tom Penn
This Man Jones 3:17 Read by Stacy Simon
How to Hunt the Fox 13:56 Read by Kate Follis
The Boy Friend 1:45 Read by Kate Follis
A Letter of Acceptance 11:46 Read by DrPGould
In the Afternoon 1:21 Read by RecordingPerson
The Rise and Fall of William Johnson 11:27 Read by Tom Penn
From Delphi to Camden 2:28 Read by Stacy Simon
The Grammatical Boy 5:45 Read by DrPGould
Craqueodoom 1:16 Read by RecordingPerson
The Chemist of the Carolinas 9:40 Read by Kate Follis
His Crazy-Bone 0:53 Read by Stacy Simon
Prying Open the Future 8:00 Read by DrPGould
Mr. Silberberg 2:38 Read by Annyiee Hill
Spirits at Home 2:46 Read by Annyiee Hill
Healthy but out of the Race 7:53 Read by DrPGould
Lines 1:18 Read by DrPGould
Me and Mary 2:23 Read by Cyndy
Niagara Falls from the Nye Side 10:05 Read by Jason in Panama
'Curly Locks!' 1:49 Read by Jason in Panama
Lines on Turning Over a Pass 6:20 Read by Jason in Panama
That Night 1:30 Read by Jason in Panama
The Truth about Methuselah 7:48 Read by Jason in Panama
A Black Hills Episode 1:41 Read by Jason in Panama
The Rossville Lecture Course 3:04 Read by DrPGould
The Tar-heel Cow 6:43 Read by April6090
A Character 2:41 Read by Sean McElrath
The Diary of Darius T. Skinner 4:59 Read by DrPGould
The Man in the Moon 1:23 Read by RecordingPerson
His Christmas Sled 2:01 Read by tovarisch
Her Tired Hands 9:55 Read by DrPGould
Ezra House 4:28 Read by brianna
'Oh, Wilhelmina, Come Back!' 5:21 Read by Annyiee Hill
A Hint of Spring 1:43 Read by tovarisch
A Treat Ode 1:13 Read by RecordingPerson
'Our Wife' 7:20 Read by DrPGould
My Bachelor Chum 1:41 Read by RecordingPerson
The Philanthropical Jay 12:50 Read by tovarisch
'A Brave Refrain' 1:38 Read by DrPGould
A Blasted Snore 6:32 Read by April6090
Good-bye er Howdy-do 1:10 Read by RecordingPerson
Society Gurgs From Sandy Mush 7:10 Read by Annyiee Hill
While Cigarettes to Ashes Turn 1:49 Read by RecordingPerson
Says He 1:22 Read by DrPGould
Where the Roads Are Engaged in Forking 8:15 Read by tovarisch
McFeeters' Fourth 3:58 Read by brianna
In a Box 1:03 Read by RecordingPerson
Seeking to Set the Public Right 4:51 Read by DrPGould
A Dose't of Blues 2:16 Read by Tom Penn
Wanted, a Fox 5:13 Read by cathicol
Sutters Claim 1:49 Read by Tom Penn
Seeking to Be Identified 15:56 Read by tovarisch
The Old Cider Mill 2:41 Read by tovarisch