The Fairy Changeling and Other Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a volume of poetry by Dora Sigerson Shorter. As much of her other poetry, this volume also succeeds in connecting a modern style of poetry with deep emotion and themes of Irish mythology. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 37 min)


The Fairy Changeling 1:58 Read by Patrick Saville
A Ballad of Marjorie 2:26 Read by Patrick Saville
The Priest’s Brother 3:18 Read by Patrick Saville
The Ballad of the Little Black Hound 5:21 Read by Curt Troutwine
The Rape of the Baron’s Wine 3:37 Read by Curt Troutwine
Cean Duv Deelish 1:47 Read by Patrick Saville
Banagher Rhue 2:41 Read by Patrick Saville
The Fair Little Maiden 1:45 Read by RecordingPerson
At Christmas Time 0:54 Read by Curt Troutwine
A Weeping Cupid 1:30 Read by Curt Troutwine
The Lover 1:22 Read by RecordingPerson
A Bird from the West 1:44 Read by Curt Troutwine
All Souls’ Eve 2:25 Read by Scott Kelley
An Imperfect Revolution 2:24 Read by Curt Troutwine
Love 1:15 Read by iloveyu
Wishes 0:54 Read by RecordingPerson
Cupid Slain 0:50 Read by iloveyu
What Will You Give? 1:15 Read by Franziska Paul
A Meadow Tragedy 0:50 Read by S.E. Ross
An Eclipse 0:33 Read by iloveyu
The Scallop Shell 1:24 Read by Scott Kelley
With a Rose 0:51 Read by iloveyu
For Ever 1:30 Read by Rachel Murray
The Blow Returned 1:00 Read by Franziska Paul
Vale 1:07 Read by Scott Kelley
The Skeleton in the Cupboard 1:49 Read by S.E. Ross
You Will Not Come Again 1:13 Read by Nemo
The Wreckage 0:38 Read by Grace Keller Scotch
I am the World 2:40 Read by Nemo
A New Year 1:39 Read by Vittoria Conn
The Kine of My Father 1:56 Read by Franziska Paul
Sanctuary 2:30 Read by Nemo
An Eastern God 1:43 Read by S.E. Ross
A Friend in Need 0:58 Read by Franziska Paul
In a Wood 1:07 Read by Vittoria Conn
A Vagrant Heart 3:04 Read by Franziska Paul
When You are on the Sea 1:26 Read by RecordingPerson
My Neighbour’s Garden 1:32 Read by Vittoria Conn
An Irish Blackbird 1:25 Read by Scott Kelley
Death of Gormlaith 1:48 Read by Rachel Murray
Unknown Ideal 1:35 Read by AlexandraWilhelmina
Beware 0:44 Read by S.E. Ross
The Old Maid 1:58 Read by AlexandraWilhelmina
Wirastrua 0:51 Read by Franziska Paul
Questions 0:44 Read by Franziska Paul
A Little Dog 3:16 Read by S.E. Ross
'I Prayed so Eagerly' 0:41 Read by Patrick Saville
'When the Dark Comes' 0:50 Read by Patrick Saville
Distant Voices 2:23 Read by Patrick Saville
The Ballad of the Fairy Thorn-Tree 8:25 Read by Patrick Saville
The Suicide’s Grave 6:14 Read by Patrick Saville