Miss Philura's Wedding Gown

Read by annie70

(4.7 stars; 43 reviews)

Follow-up to "The Transfiguration of Miss Philura"....will the conviction of mild-mannered Miss Philura that "Ask and you have already received" be proved right or will her hopes be dashed, and the disapproving judgement of her fellow parishioners and neighbours be vindicated instead? Witty and gently critical observations on life in a small American township, particulary its female population, and the stirrings of change at the turn of the century. Summary by Anne F.

Books in the series:
1 - The Transfiguration of Miss Philura
2 - Miss Philura's Wedding Gown
3 - The Heart of Philura
4 - Neighbors (3 hr 49 min)


Chapter 1 20:36 Read by annie70
Chapter 2 25:01 Read by annie70
Chapters 3 and 4 27:31 Read by annie70
Chapter 5 10:56 Read by annie70
Chapter 6 15:56 Read by annie70
Chapter 7 17:40 Read by annie70
Chapter 8 13:13 Read by annie70
Chapters 9 and 10 26:07 Read by annie70
Chapter 11 17:31 Read by annie70
Chapter 12 9:07 Read by annie70
Chapter 13 9:15 Read by annie70
Chapter 14 21:33 Read by annie70
Chapter 15 7:09 Read by annie70
Chapter 16 7:44 Read by annie70


Miss Philura's Wedding Gown

(4 stars)

This sweet story reminded me of The Enchanted April. Miss Philura floats through the story with the same naive/wisdom. I recommend giving it a listen.

very pleasant way to sit and sew

(5 stars)

A lovely tale of sweet simple faith in the abundant goodness of God.

The Second in the Series

(5 stars)

This story continues the life Miss Philura after her marriage. It’s charming and I’ve already started the next book in the series. The narration is absolutely flawless!

Another lovely book

(5 stars)

And the reader is perfect for the characters in the book! She does an excellent job of depicting the story!

delightful second book

(5 stars)

Thank you reader for the excellent reading. Kingsley once again tells of experiences of a bygone day

such fun.

(5 stars)

hilarious how when someone has strong faith that others think her crazy. but "it's in the Bible!"


(5 stars)

This is a quaint old story read by a wonderful experienced reader. I loved it!!

(5 stars)

Such an interesting story about God's goodness and Miss Philura's discovery of it.