Folk-lore and Legends: Russian and Polish

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In this volume I present selections made from the Russian chap-book literature, and from the works of various Russian and Polish collectors of Folklore—Afanasief, Erben, Wojcicki, Glinski, etc. The chap-book tales, and many of those of Glinski, are, there is little doubt, of foreign origin, but since Russia and Poland are the countries in which these tales have found their home, and since they have there been so adapted by the people as to incorporate the national customs and lore, they appear to me to belong properly to the present volume. - Summary by Charles John Tibbets (4 hr 38 min)


Introductory Note 1:07 Read by DrPGould
The Poor Man and the Judge 4:20 Read by tmeritt
The Wind Rider 6:19 Read by Elizabeth Davis
The Three Gifts 19:41 Read by susanjhudson
Snyegurka 8:38 Read by Wolfgang Bas
Prince Peter and Princess Magilene 8:49 Read by Elizabeth Davis
The Old Man, his Wife, and the Fish 9:10 Read by Phil Kasper
The Golden Mountain 19:29 Read by tovarisch
The Duck that laid Golden Eggs 6:41 Read by DrPGould
Emelyan the Fool 28:34 Read by James K. White
Ilija, the Muromer 13:45 Read by tovarisch
The Bad-Tempered Wife 7:09 Read by Phil Kasper
Ivashka with the Bear’s Ear 13:12 Read by Annyiee Hill
The Plague 3:34 Read by Rhys Harrison
The Peasant and the Wind 13:10 Read by Wolfgang Bas
The Wonderful Cloth 25:44 Read by susanjhudson
The Evil Eye 15:19 Read by Annyiee Hill
The Seven Brothers 14:14 Read by Annyiee Hill
Sila Czarovitch and Ivaschka 15:45 Read by tovarisch
The Stolen Heart 6:25 Read by Phil Kasper
Prince Slugobyl 9:45 Read by DrPGould
Princess Marvel 14:34 Read by Phil Kasper
The Ghost 12:39 Read by tovarisch