Manx Fairy Tales

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A collection of fairy tales regarding myths and legends of the Isle of Man. Sophia was considered one of the key figures of the Manx cultural revival. - Summary by afutterer (3 hr 20 min)


Preface 3:18
Themselves 2:06 Read by Foon
The Buggane of Glen Meay Waterfall 6:14 Read by Sonia
How the Manx Cat lost her Tail 2:01 Read by Mayah
The Making of Mann 5:45 Read by John
The Coming of Saint Patrick 6:52 Read by John
How the Herring became King of the Sea 3:10 Read by Franziska Paul
The Silver Cup 7:48 Read by Gillian Hendrie
The Child without a Name 4:26 Read by Linda Olsen Fitak
The Fairy Doctor 4:25 Read by Sonia
Joe Moore's Story of Finn MacCooilley and the Buggane 5:20 Read by Sonia
The Fynoderee 0:57 Read by takikoazn
The Fynoderee of Gordon 5:40 Read by Sonia
The Lhondoo and the Ushag-reaisht 1:49 Read by Foon
Billy Beg, Tom Beg, and the Fairies 6:26 Read by Franziska Paul
The Lazy Wife 9:56 Read by Foon
The Mermaid of Gob-ny-Ooyl 4:17 Read by Gillian Hendrie
The Lost Wife of Ballaleece 2:48 Read by Franziska Paul
Smereree 4:07 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Kebeg 2:20 Read by Robert Robinson
The Fairy Child of Close-ny-Lheiy 8:49 Read by Foon
The Little Footprints 4:47 Read by Gillian Hendrie
The Tall Man of Ballacurry 2:55 Read by Franziska Paul
Ned Quayle's Story of the Fairy Pig 4:08 Read by Alex Finch
Kitterland 7:01 Read by Mayah
Teeval, Princess of the Ocean 7:00 Read by Naduplants
The Wizard's Palace 5:12 Read by SpiderScientist
The Enchanted Isle 2:25 Read by John
Stories about Birds 7:07 Read by Pinchcliff
The Moddey Doo or the Black Dog of Peel Castle 3:39 Read by Larry Wilson
Little Red Bird 1:03 Read by takikoazn
Tehi Tegi 4:27 Read by Foon
John-y-Chiarn's Journey 4:31 Read by Robert Robinson
A Bad Wish 1:15 Read by Larry Wilson
The Witch of Slieu Whallian 5:24 Read by SpiderScientist
The Old Christmas 4:22 Read by Larry Wilson
The Buggane of St. Trinian's 8:23 Read by Kurt
King Magnus Barefoot 8:27 Read by Kurt
Manannan Mac-y-Leirr 4:40 Read by Sonia
The Cormorant and the Bat 2:04 Read by Darko
Caillagh-ny-Faashagh, or the Prophet Wizard 7:12 Read by Gillian Hendrie
The City Under Sea 5:05 Read by Gillian Hendrie
An Ancient Charm Against the Fairies 0:43 Read by takikoazn