The Pig Brother and Other Fables and Stories

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.8 stars; 3 reviews)

Here are some really amusing stories and fables told with delightful wit. Some poke fun at human foibles and some are there for the simple joy of silliness. all read for you by the amazing LibriVox volunteers.- Summary by Phil chenevert (2 hr 35 min)


The Pig Brother 4:15 Read by Patrick Saville
The Golden Windows 5:10 Read by AmyMc
The Coming of the King 3:47 Read by AmyMc
Swing Song 2:02 Read by AmyMc
The Great Feast 3:25 Read by AmyMc
The Owl and the Eel and the Warming-pan 0:55 Read by AmyMc
The Wheat Field 3:16 Read by Caitlin S.
About Angels 5:02 Read by madison02
The Apron String 3:50 Read by PatsyAnn
The Shadow 2:22 Read by Patrick Saville
The Sailor Man 2:56 Read by arjunanand
“Go” and “Come” 1:53 Read by arjunanand
Child’s Play 2:41 Read by arjunanand
Little John Bottlejohn 2:03 Read by madison02
A Fortune 2:08 Read by SpiderScientist
The Stars 2:27 Read by Patrick Saville
Buttercup Gold 11:09 Read by Sara Sounds
The Patient Cat 3:20 Read by realisticspeakers
Alice’s Supper 1:48 Read by madison02
The Quacky Duck 3:03 Read by realisticspeakers
At the Little Boy’s Home 1:54 Read by Caitlin S.
New Year 4:03 Read by Rich Brown
Jacky Frost 1:03 Read by Patrick Saville
The Cake 3:42 Read by realisticspeakers
“Oh, Dear!” 10:12 Read by SpiderScientist
The Useful Coal 7:45 Read by Rich Brown
Song of the Little Winds 1:17 Read by arjunanand
The Three Remarks 16:43 Read by realisticspeakers
Hokey Pokey 16:25 Read by Sara Sounds
The Tangled Skein 2:47 Read by jq7288
A Song for Hal 2:42 Read by madison02
For You and Me 2:05 Read by Rich Brown
The Burning House 1:26 Read by Caitlin S.
The Naughty Comet 13:57 Read by realisticspeakers
Day Dreams 2:00 Read by madison02