Abraham Lincoln: A History (Volume 7)

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(4.2 stars; 9 reviews)

Abraham Lincoln: A History is an 1890 ten-volume account of the life and times of Abraham Lincoln, written by John Nicolay and John Hay, who were his personal secretaries during the American Civil War. Volume 7 chronicles Lincoln's life from 1862, including the major battles in the American Civil War that year. (Summary adapted from wikipedia by Ann Boulais) (13 hr 3 min)


The Enrollment and the Draft 43:10 Read by MaryAnn
The Lincoln-Seymour Correspondence 47:51 Read by Jim Locke
Du Pont Before Charleston 49:29 Read by Jim Locke
Chancellorsville 37:38 Read by Jim Locke
Preludes to the Vicksburg Campaigns 46:49 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
The Campaigns of the Bayous 41:09 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Grant's May Battles in Mississippi 42:12 Read by Owen Cook
The Invasion of Pennsylvania 49:22 Read by Warren Kati
Gettysberg 1:01:25 Read by MaryAnn
Vicksburg 42:51 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Port Hudson 35:41 Read by Shasta
Vallandigham 1:01:34 Read by Jim Locke
The Defeat of the Peace Party at the Polls, part 1 48:19 Read by Shasta
The Defeat of the Peace Party at the Polls, part 2 46:42 Read by Shasta
Maximilian 45:12 Read by Owen Cook
Fort Wagner 39:22 Read by Jim Locke
Prisoners of War 44:18 Read by MaryAnn


gritty and real

(4 stars)

This was a hard volume to listen to. The story is getting a lot harder and grittier. A lot more death a lot more suffering. This climaxes in the last chapter which talks about the horrors of being a Civil War prisoner of war. Onward to Volume eight.

(3 stars)

a decent book but a few of the readers are atrocious. nevertheless, it's free so I'm not complaining!

eu vou chama deilton para louva

(1 stars)