The Red Cross Girls with the Italian Army

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The adventures of the Red Cross girls continue! These courageous women of the First World War now visit the Italian Front and face all challenges with determination and goodwill. They discover intrigue and, for at least one of them, love. (Summary by KevinS) (4 hr 33 min)


The New Day 15:15 Read by Debbie R. Baker Robinson
The Night 11:46 Read by Debbie R. Baker Robinson
Italia 19:05 Read by KevinS
Villa Felice 23:03 Read by ashleighjane
Bianca 14:03 Read by Ruth Eden
Guests at Sonya's Villa 25:11 Read by Ruth Eden
The Italian Singer 15:07 Read by Gagnon Courchesne
A New Patient 10:58 Read by Gagnon Courchesne
An Odd Household 13:21 Read by KevinS
A Conversation 14:04 Read by Shelly Marckini
The Same Afternoon 15:53 Read by amshanahan
A Lack of Caution 12:11 Read by amshanahan
Dangerous Popularity 8:57 Read by Sara Gardner
Uncertainty 8:56 Read by Matthew Svatora
Whispers in The Air 9:57 Read by Matthew Svatora
Sonya's Knight 17:02 Read by JoshuaCoulter
The Culprit 14:30 Read by JoshuaCoulter
Nannina Solves the Problem 11:42 Read by JoshuaCoulter
The Sign of The Cross 12:35 Read by KevinS