The Path to Prosperity (version 3)

Read by Sonnie Abdalla

(4.4 stars; 25 reviews)

‘The Path to Prosperity’ (sometimes rendered as The Path of Prosperity) is part one of James Allen’s first published work titled ‘From Poverty to Power’ alternatively titled ‘The Realization of Prosperity and Peace’ (1901).

Part one is an empowering volume which is likely to enlighten the reader as to how much power they have over outward circumstances by virtue of their own thoughts. Allen regularly communicates this by providing examples on how the laws which govern the inner-world (of thought) operate in a manner similar to the laws of nature. Free from speculative philosophies, ideals, and dogma; it provides highly practical guidance on how to bring about lasting changes in any area of one’s life.

Part two (titled ‘The Way of Peace’) dives deeper into the concept of self-perfection and was later published as a separate book.

Excerpt from forward: “And I dreamed of writing a book which should help men and women, whether rich or poor, learned or unlearned, worldly or unworldly, to find within themselves the source of all success, all happiness, all accomplishment, all truth.”

Written to appeal to the wider audience (in simple, modern English), its timeless wisdom is as relevant and attainable in today’s age as ever. This is a recording of part one - The Path to Prosperity. - Summary by Sonnie Abdalla (1 hr 55 min)


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The World a Reflex of Mental States 12:17 Read by Sonnie Abdalla
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The Silent Power of Thought: Controlling and Directing One's Forces 18:52 Read by Sonnie Abdalla
The Secret of Health, Success, and Power 24:16 Read by Sonnie Abdalla
The Secret of Abounding Happiness 13:50 Read by Sonnie Abdalla
The Realization of Prosperity 5:58 Read by Sonnie Abdalla


great read

(5 stars)

love the love the books great books to read love the philosophy and the perspective on his View one life I'm never disappointed when he's a James Allen book