The Conquest of Bread (version 2)

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(4.7 stars; 145 reviews)

In this work, Kropotkin points out what he considers to be the defects of the economic systems of feudalism and capitalism, and how he believes they thrive on and maintain poverty and scarcity, as symbol for richness and in spite of being in a time of abundance thanks to technology, while promoting privilege. He goes on to propose a more decentralised economic system based on mutual aid and voluntary cooperation, asserting that the tendencies for this kind of organisation already exist, both in evolution and in human society. He also talks about details of revolution and expropriation in order not to end in a reactionary way. (summary by AudibleAnarchist) (6 hr 1 min)


Our Riches 21:25 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Well-Being for All 19:43 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Anarchist Communism 22:15 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Expropiation 28:21 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Food 30:00 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Dwellings 21:38 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Clothing 5:45 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Ways and Means 13:59 Read by AudibleAnarchist
The Need for Luxury 18:51 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Agreeable Work 15:58 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Free Agreement 7:21 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Objections 36:52 Read by AudibleAnarchist
The Collectivest Wages System 33:13 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Comsumption and Production 14:40 Read by AudibleAnarchist
The Division of Labor 6:34 Read by AudibleAnarchist
The Decentralisation of Industry 22:07 Read by AudibleAnarchist
Agriculture 42:29 Read by AudibleAnarchist


good book, great reading

(5 stars)

the audible anarchists do a great reading of this classic, its definitely worth your time

excellent job!

(5 stars)

great version and good book

Great quality audiobook

(5 stars)

AudibleAnarchists have done a fantastic job with this audiobook. This is the version you want to listen to!

(5 stars)

The readers have character and enthusiasm, and I like that you can hear birdsong in the background in one chapter

Fantastic theory!

(4.5 stars)

An overall fantastic book for anarchist theory, very comprehensive, and very punchy for most of it. Kropotkin spent a little too long on methods of agriculture for my taste, but that's all I could really fault this book for.

(5 stars)

Thought provoking read. The readers were articulate and passionate which brought life to the text. Great work..

A masterpiece

(5 stars)

An amazing listen with great narrating, this book is not bound by time.


(5 stars)

Well read and interesting text. Well worth listening to.