The Way of Peace (version 3)

Read by Sonnie Abdalla

(4.4 stars; 4 reviews)

‘The Way of Peace’ is the second part of James Allen’s first published work titled ‘From Poverty to Power’ alternatively titled ‘The Realization of Prosperity and Peace’ (1901).
Where part one focused more on the power an individual possesses over their circumstances and environment, part two dives deeper into that pathway which leads to what every soul inwardly seeks. The simplicity of these teachings make them accessible to everyone and invaluable to those with an interest in practical transcendentalism.
Focusing on meditation and ascension without favouritism toward any school of thought or religion. ‘The Way of Peace’ explores and explains divine truths by drawing on examples from nature.
Can be read on its own or as an extension to part one (titled ‘The Path to Prosperity’), this is a powerful volume which invites us to prove itself true through our own experiences and reflection.
Written to appeal to readers with an interest in attaining a higher state of consciousness, its timeless wisdom provides a pathway, in plain English, without the confusion of subjective narratives. This is a recording of part two - The Way of Peace. - Summary by Sonnie Abdalla - Summary by Sonnie Abdalla (2 hr 9 min)


The Power of Meditation 20:20 Read by Sonnie Abdalla
The Two Masters, Self and Truth 20:32 Read by Sonnie Abdalla
The Acquirement of Spiritual Power 12:42 Read by Sonnie Abdalla
The Realization of Selfless Love 26:50 Read by Sonnie Abdalla
Entering into the Infinite 18:36 Read by Sonnie Abdalla
Saints, Sages, and Saviors: the Law of Service 21:05 Read by Sonnie Abdalla
The Realization of Perfect Peace 9:47 Read by Sonnie Abdalla