Night Operations For Infantry - Compiled For The Use Of Company Officers (1916)

Read by David Wales

(3.6 stars; 18 reviews)

"It must be remembered that many of our men up to the time of their enlistment have passed their lives entirely in large towns, and have rarely been beyond the range of street lamps. Such men, when first taken out in the dark, are helpless; they start at every shadow, stumble even on level ground, make a terrible amount of noise, and are generally in such a state of nervous excitement that they are hardly responsible for their actions. Yet these same men, by a short course of careful, individual instruction, can be trained to work together with confidence on the darkest night, and when once they have gained confidence their further instruction is comparatively easy." - Summary by Book Chapter 1 (1 hr 5 min)


(4 stars)

It's about as interesting as you'd expect an army field manual from the turn of he last century to be. Much has changed since then. It is anpiece of and glimpse into history.