The Training of a Forester

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Written by a forester, this book looks at the definition of "forest", what the life of a forester entails, discusses the forest service both on the state and national levels, and the training required to be a forester. As a forester himself, and the chief of the US Forest Service, Pinchot was a foremost expert in this topic,and, based on his preface to the work, seems to expect this work to either encourage or dissuade young people from a life in forestry. - Summary by KHand (1 hr 58 min)


Preface 2:26 Read by KHand
What Is A Forest? 4:30 Read by KHand
The Forester's Knowledge 1:42 Read by KHand
The Forest and the Nation 3:24 Read by KHand
The Forester's Point of View 3:44 Read by KHand
The Establishment of Forestry 2:27 Read by KHand
The Work of a Forester. The Forest Service 13:41 Read by KHand
The Forest Supervisor 3:13 Read by KHand
The Trained Forester 10:58 Read by KHand
Personal Equipment 17:14 Read by KHand
State Forest Work 4:16 Read by KHand
The Forest Service in Washington 13:59 Read by KHand
Private Forestry 6:28 Read by KHand
Forest Schools 2:21 Read by KHand
The Opportunity 6:02 Read by KHand
Training 21:42 Read by KHand


Worth the Listen!

(5 stars)

Great insight into early American Forestry.