Colonel Chabert

Read by Nicole Lee

(3.9 stars; 5 reviews)

Colonel Chabert is a soldier, who goes missing during the Napoleonic wars, and then returns from the dead, most inconveniently for his wife, who has remarried and has gone up in the world. This novella by Balzac lays bare the venality of the French Restoration period. It has been filmed several times, most recently in the 1994 version, starring Gerard Depardieu. - Summary by Nicole Lee (2 hr 2 min)


Part 1 17:04 Read by Nicole Lee
Part 2 17:42 Read by Nicole Lee
Part 3 12:04 Read by Nicole Lee
Part 4 19:01 Read by Nicole Lee
Part 5 19:03 Read by Nicole Lee
Part 6 14:29 Read by Nicole Lee
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colonel Chabert

(4.5 stars)

A beautifully written tale of love and betrayal!

(4 stars)

I love Nicole Lee's voice. It is sophisticated and enhances the story. She did a fantastic job on Clarissa Harlow, 8 books! This short tale is beautifully written, pulled me in from the first. Thank you Nicole

(1 stars)

recording is not very clear that it makes readers words sounds mumbled