Songs Before Sunrise

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This is a collection of some particularly beautiful poems of Algernon Charles Swinburne. This collection is connected by the Italian theme, as Swinburne was inspired to write most of them after learning of the Italian struggle for unification. - Summary by Carolin (5 hr 8 min)


Dedication to Joseph Mazzini 2:26 Read by Elizabeth P.
Prelude 9:38 Read by Simona Rusu
The Eve of Revolution 33:11 Read by Nemo
A watch in the Night 10:19 Read by Emma Charlotte
Super Flumina Babylonis 6:51 Read by Simona Rusu
The halt before Rome 14:12 Read by Matthew Squaire
Mentana - First Anniversary 4:16 Read by Matthew Squaire
Blessed among Women 9:59 Read by Simona Rusu
The Litany of Nations 10:02 Read by Matthew Squaire
Hertha 12:22 Read by Nemo
Before a Crucifix 11:47 Read by Jim Nyenhuis
Tenebrae 7:15 Read by Jim Nyenhuis
Hymn of Man 22:12 Read by Jim Nyenhuis
The Pilgrims 5:45 Read by cathar maiden
Armand Barbès 1:59 Read by Corrinne LePage
Quia Multum Amavit 8:19 Read by Corrinne LePage
Genesis 5:10 Read by Nemo
To Walt Whitman in America 7:19 Read by Patrick Wallace
Christmas Antiphones 8:50 Read by Shana Burns
A New Year’s Message 2:35 Read by Corrinne LePage
Mater Dolorosa 5:00 Read by Corrinne LePage
Mater Triumphalis 9:09 Read by Corrinne LePage
A Marching Song 9:28 Read by Corrinne LePage
Siena 4:12 Read by Pamela Nagami
Cor Cordium 1:19 Read by Nemo
In San Lorenzo 1:22 Read by Nelson Hay
Tiresias 19:03 Read by Roman Noble
The Song of the Standard 4:08 Read by Corrinne LePage
On the Downs 7:25 Read by Patrick Wallace
Messidor 3:54 Read by Corrinne LePage
Ode on the Insurrection in Candia 11:07 Read by Corrinne LePage
Non Dolet 1:18 Read by Emma Charlotte
Eurydice 1:28 Read by Emma Charlotte
An Appeal 3:59 Read by Corrinne LePage
Perinde ac Cadaver 5:05 Read by Corrinne LePage
Monotones 2:21 Read by Phil Schempf
The Oblation 1:04 Read by Phil Schempf
A Year’s Burden 5:08 Read by Corrinne LePage
Epilogue 17:14 Read by Elizabeth P.


songs before sunrise

(5 stars)

songs before sunrise