The World’s Famous Orations, Vol. III: Great Britain - I

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In 1906, William Jennings Bryan, himself a famous American orator, and Francis Whiting Halsey published a series of the most famous orations of all time. They are ordered by both geographic area and time period, ranging from Ancient Greece to their contemporary United States. The third, fourth, and fifth volumes of this collection concern British speakers. The speeches contained in this third volume are ordered chronologically. We begin in the year 710 AD with a speech on the Saints, and end this volume in 1777 with the realisation of the impossibility of regaining control over the American colonies. - Summary by Carolin (6 hr 28 min)


Saint Bede - His Sermon on All Saints 7:55 Read by Phil Schempf
John Wyclif - Rules for Decent Living 4:46 Read by aravagarwal
Hugh Latimer - The Second Sermon on the Card 10:34 Read by aravagarwal
Thomas Cranmer - On the Eve of His Execution 8:22 Read by aravagarwal
John Knox - On the First Temptation of Christ 16:35 Read by aravagarwal
Sir Walter Raleigh - His Last Words on the Scaffold 7:55 Read by Megan Lam
Sir John Eliot - On the Condition of England 16:34 Read by Megan Lam
John Pym - On Grievances in the Reign of Charles I. 25:20 Read by DrPGould
Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford - In His Own Defense 17:02 Read by DrPGould
John Milton - Plea for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing, part 1 26:03 Read by DrPGould
John Milton - Plea for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing, part 2 30:51 Read by DrPGould
Oliver Cromwell - At the Opening of Parliament Under the Protectorate 35:36 Read by Gloria Keawe
Sir Henry Vane - I - Against Richard Cromwell 3:41 Read by DrPGould
Sir Henry Vane - II - At His Trial for High Treason 4:42 Read by DrPGould
Algernon Sidney - Speech on the Scaffold 7:15 Read by DrPGould
Richard Rumbold - Speech on the Scaffold 5:06 Read by DrPGould
John Bunyan - The Heavenly Footman 8:06 Read by aniroo
Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford - On His Proposed Removal from Office 22:46 Read by Mayah
Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield - Against the Gin Bill of the Mini… 11:50 Read by DrPGould
John Wesley - God’s Love to Fallen Man 12:57 Read by KHand
George Whitefield - On the Method of Grace 13:50 Read by DrPGould
James Wolfe - To His Army Before Quebec 3:29 Read by DrPGould
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham - I - The Retort to Walpole 7:37 Read by DrPGould
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham - II - On the Right to Tax America 21:45 Read by DrPGould
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham - III - On Affairs in America 30:03 Read by DrPGould
William Murray, Earl of Mansfield - On the Right to Tax America 18:29 Read by DrPGould
John Wilkes - I - On Coercive Measures in America 5:45 Read by DrPGould
John Wilkes - II - Conquest of America Impossible 4:01 Read by DrPGould