The Red Hand

Read by Wanda White

(3.9 stars; 27 reviews)

Two London gentlemen ponder the evolution of humankind as they investigate a modern-day murder committed with an ancient tool. - Summary by Wanda White (1 hr 6 min)


The Problem of the Fishhooks 14:10 Read by Wanda White
Incident of the Letter 10:50 Read by Wanda White
Search for the Vanished Heaven 12:46 Read by Wanda White
The Artist of the Pavement 7:49 Read by Wanda White
Story of the Treasure House 20:27 Read by Wanda White



(2 stars)

I agree with previous reviewers - I expected more development of plot and characters. They could be the basis of a really good, fuller story, A nice yarn to get the imagination racing,

(2.5 stars)

An odd mystery without full resolution but it's a quick listen.

clear narration

(3.5 stars)

excellent narration, but not mahen's best