The Mill Mystery

Read by Jacquerie

(4 stars; 146 reviews)

In the quiet New England village of S--, a young and beloved minister is found dead, ignominiously drowned in a dye vat in a dilapidated mill. Almost immediately, rumors of suicide begin to circulate. But was it suicide? How could a devout man of the cloth come to believe life was hopeless? The young woman to whom he was secretly engaged is adamant that it could not be. When this young woman tragically dies on the same day as her lover, it is left to her roommate Constance Sterling, a young woman without family or prospects, to determine the truth. (Summary by Jacquerie) (7 hr 43 min)


Chapter I, The Alarm; Chapter II, A Fearful Question 16:20 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter III, Ada; Chapter IV, The Pollards 32:41 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter V, Doubts and Queries 27:08 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VI, Mrs. Pollard 13:46 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VII, Advances 17:20 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VIII, A Flower from the Pollard Conservatory 17:23 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter IX, An Unexpected Discovery 16:51 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter X, Rhoda Colwell 21:10 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XI, Under the Mill Floor 17:04 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XII, Dwight Pollard 18:59 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIII, Guy Pollard 32:31 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIV, Correspondence 14:48 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XV, A Gossip 21:20 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVI, The Green Envelope 15:31 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVII, David Barrows; Chapter XVIII, A Last Request 26:31 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIX, A Fatal Delay; Chapter XX, The Old Mill 25:49 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXI, The Vat 18:59 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXII, The Cypher 18:19 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIII, Too Late 15:57 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXIV, Confronted; Chapter XXV, The Final Blow 20:08 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXVI, A Feline Touch; Chapter XXVII, Reparation 27:58 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXVIII, Two or One 27:22 Read by Jacquerie


A twisting tale

(3.5 stars)

I thank Librivox for introducing me to Anna Katherine Green. This book had more twists than most and several moral dilemmas which kept it interesting. I knock off a star for the romance story underneath it which seemed over-written and detracted from the mystery. The reader was clear and paced the story well.

(1 stars)

well so disappointing, the ending left you with questions and absolutely no justice for anyone involved.


(2.5 stars)

The reader did a great job, but I was very disappointed with the ending of this story. Honesty, justice, and true happiness were not served. The idea that the innocent should not have to suffer embarrassment or shame because the injured person is dead is false and minimizes the wrong done. Repentance and the return to true manhood failed. The pastor took the coward's way out, Dwight excused his part with good intentions, and Constance accepted compromise.

enjoyable twists & turns

(4 stars)

A good old fashioned mystery, unusual twists and turns. Deeply romanticized drama and emotions; old-fashioned approach 2 women and the idea of dying away from heavy heartedness is typical of the age and can be enjoyed with an understanding of that. Entertaining inspite of the unsatisfying resolution to the crime or the romance.

(3 stars)

The reader did a wonderful job! I found the story to be lacking a bit in “mystery“, as most of it was the descriptive of a solution. The books seem to me to be a bit on the wordy side. If you like a bit of romance Mixtown, there are certainly that here, and some major religious overtones, since the real “mystery“ is the death of a Clergyman. Not bad, I did listen until the end, but not the Mystery I’d been hoping for.

(5 stars)

Very well read! The story itself starts good, with an interesting premise, and the mystery leaves you guessing for quite some time. The ending felt a bit anticlimactic though sadly. But all in all definitely worth a listen.

(5 stars)

DO NOT regard previous reviews. They are not being honest with themselves- had their choices been similar they would have done worse than Dwight. THERE IS redemption and repentance in the truest form.

(3.5 stars)

exelent read, the writting is so nice, but its really a disapointing ending that shows how the upper clas get away with everything