King and Baronage (A.D. 1135-1327)

Read by Pamela Nagami

(4.6 stars; 26 reviews)

William Holden Hutton (1860-1930) was a British historian and Dean of Winchester Cathedral. In this slim volume, Hutton writes of the long period of feudal anarchy following the death of King Henry I in 1135, during which Henry's implacable daughter, Mathilda, battled the ineffectual King Stephen. Hutton then describes the turbulent reign of the great King Henry II, the reigns of Kings Richard, John, Henry III, and of the first two Edwards, rulers who whether weak or strong, rigid or resourceful, were grimly opposed by their powerful barons. - Summary by Pamela Nagami (3 hr 58 min)


Ch. 1: Feudal Anarchy, 1135-1154 20:18 Read by Pamela Nagami
Ch. 2: The Reign of Henry II, 1154-1189 51:37 Read by Pamela Nagami
Ch. 3: The Reign of Richard I, 1189-1199 22:53 Read by Pamela Nagami
Ch. 4: The Reign of John, 1199-1216 25:06 Read by Pamela Nagami
Ch. 5: The Reign of Henry III, 1216-1272 46:44 Read by Pamela Nagami
Ch. 6: The Reign of Edward I, 1272-1307 35:56 Read by Pamela Nagami
Ch. 7: The Reign of Edward II, 1307-1327 17:03 Read by Pamela Nagami
Ch. 8: England under the House of Anjou, 1154-1327 18:31 Read by Pamela Nagami


(3.5 stars)

I really enjoyed this book! Thanks Pamela Nagami for a fine narration. I am a big fan of Robin Hood, so hearing more about Richard and John as monarchs was very enlightening!

Great way to absorb some history. Enjoyed very much.

(4 stars)

(5 stars)

An interesting overview of England's progress toward nationalism.

(4 stars)

Very deep explication of the political times