Doctor Thorne (version 2)

Read by Nick Whitley

(4.8 stars; 61 reviews)

This is the third book in The Chronicles of Barsetshire, the first two being The Warden and Barchester Towers; however, although some characters from the first two books are referred to, there is no need to read/ listen to them first to enjoy Dr. Thorne.

It is mainly concerned with the romantic problems of Mary Thorne, niece of Doctor Thomas Thorne (a member of a junior branch of the family of Mr. Wilfred Thorne, who appeared in Barchester Towers), and Frank Gresham, the only son of the local squire, although Trollope as the omniscient narrator assures the reader at the beginning that the hero is really the doctor.

Themes of the book are the social pain and exclusion caused by illegitimacy, the nefarious effects of the demon drink and the difficulties of romantic attachments outside one's social class. The novel also gives a vivid picture of electioneering and all the barely legal shenanigans that accompany the event. Most of the action takes place in a village of Barsetshire and a country house not far off.When their father dies, Doctor Thomas Thorne and his younger, ne'er-do-well brother Henry are left to fend for themselves. Doctor Thorne begins to establish a medical practice, while Henry seduces Mary Scatcherd, the sister of stonemason Roger Scatcherd. When Scatcherd finds out that Mary has become pregnant, he seeks out Henry and kills him in a fight.

While her brother is in prison, Mary gives birth to a girl. A former suitor offers to marry her and emigrate to the United States to start a new life but refuses to take the baby. Doctor Thorne persuades her to accept the generous offer, promising to raise his niece. He names her Mary Thorne but wishing neither to have her illegitimacy made public nor to have her associate with the uncouth Roger Scatcherd, he keeps her birth secret. He tells Scatcherd that the baby had died.

After his release, Scatcherd rises quickly in the world as a railway project undertaker. In time, his skills make him extremely rich. When he completes a seemingly-impossible important project on time, he is made a baronet for his efforts. Throughout his career, he entrusts his financial affairs to Doctor Thorne. When Thorne becomes the family doctor to the Greshams, he persuades Scatcherd to lend ever growing sums to the head of the family, the local squire, who has troubles managing his finances. Eventually, much of the Gresham estate is put up as collateral. - Summary by Wikipedia

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Chapter I The Greshams of Greshamsbury 46:41 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter II Long, Long Ago 32:23 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter III Dr Thorne 42:06 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter IV Lessons from Courcy Castle 53:36 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter V Frank Gresham's First Speech 27:48 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter VI Frank Gresham's Early Loves 31:38 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter VII The Doctor's Garden 30:00 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter VIII Matrimonial Prospects 40:01 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter IX Sir Roger Scatcherd 28:41 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter X Sir Roger's Will 29:01 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter XI The Doctor Drinks His Tea 22:57 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter XII When Greek Meets Greek, Then Comes the Tug of War 34:58 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter XIII The Two Uncles 26:24 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter XIV Sentence of Exile 42:01 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter XV Courcy 24:35 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter XVI Miss Dunstable 26:43 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter XVII The Election 43:37 Read by Nick Whitley
Chapter XVIII The Rivals 41:28 Read by Nick Whitley
XIX The Duke of Omnium 25:53 Read by Nick Whitley
XX The Proposal 23:48 Read by Nick Whitley
XXI Mr Moffat Falls into Trouble 39:34 Read by Nick Whitley
XXII Sir Roger is Unseated 26:23 Read by Nick Whitley
XXIII Retrospective 26:24 Read by Nick Whitley
XXIV Louis Scatcherd 37:49 Read by Nick Whitley
XXV Sir Roger Dies 42:41 Read by Nick Whitley
XXVI War 31:31 Read by Nick Whitley
XXVII Miss Thorne Goes on a Visit 36:37 Read by Nick Whitley
XXVIII The Doctor Hears Something to His Advantage 32:08 Read by Nick Whitley
XXIX The Donkey Ride 42:56 Read by Nick Whitley
XXX Post Prandial 21:16 Read by Nick Whitley
XXXI The Small End of the Wedge 31:34 Read by Nick Whitley
XXXII Mr. Oriel 25:22 Read by Nick Whitley
XXXIII A Morning Visit 31:15 Read by Nick Whitley
XXXIV A Barouche and Four Arrives at Greshamsbury 50:44 Read by Nick Whitley
XXXV Sir Louis Goes Out to Dinner 27:28 Read by Nick Whitley
XXXVI Will He Come Again? 23:57 Read by Nick Whitley
XXXVII Sir Louis Leaves Greshamsbury 28:18 Read by Nick Whitley
XXXVIII De Courcy Precepts and de Courcy Practice 44:44 Read by Nick Whitley
XXXIX What the World Says about Blood 26:43 Read by Nick Whitley
XL The Two Doctors Change Patients 28:32 Read by Nick Whitley
XLI Dr, Thorne Won't Interfere 29:05 Read by Nick Whitley
XLII What Can You Give in Return? 40:37 Read by Nick Whitley
The Race of Scatcherd Becomes Extinct 29:04 Read by Nick Whitley
XLIV Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning 37:12 Read by Nick Whitley
XLV. Law Business in London 29:42 Read by Nick Whitley
XLVI. Our Pet Fox Finds a Tail 32:17 Read by Nick Whitley
XLVII. How the Bride Was Received, and Who Were Asked to the Wedding 41:11 Read by Nick Whitley


Loved It

(5 stars)

I listened to all 3 of the series, and I'm impressed with the author. Great characters, some with the funniest names, and without tedious descriptions of scenery. Once I got through the first few chapters I was hooked. I've been listening to many books, and this is hands down the best reader I've encountered. Thank you!

Great book, well read.

(5 stars)

Great book, well read. I went straight onto this having listened to the same reader's Barchester Towers. Thank you to those involved.

Reader is clear but is poor at accents/voices

(2 stars)

Trollope is a pompous misogynist, far too fond of polemic on various subjects tangential to story


(5 stars)

This is by far my favorite book in the Barsetshire Chronicles. Amazing job by the reader. Thank you Mr. Whitley.

well-read, happy story

(5 stars)

Loved this book. somewhat predictable, but the excellent reading, the characters and intriguing story were delightful.

top notch reader!

(5 stars)

great reader! fun old fashioned romance along the lines of Jane Austen.

Perfect as always!

(5 stars)

PLEASE continue to read! You’re one of the best out there.

(4 stars)

Interesting story well told. Has an interesting engaging way of telling the story