From the Easy Chair Vol. 3

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The third volume of essays and observations From the Easy Chair of William Curtis, editor of Harper's Weekly and one of the founders of the American Republican party, and served Ulysses S. Grant; although he split from the party in the 1880s over the choice of presidential candidate. He was an original member of the New York Board of Education. ( Lynne Thompson) (4 hr 21 min)


Hawthorne and Brook Farm 22:19 Read by Larry Wilson
Beecher in his Pulpit After the Death of Lincoln 8:39 Read by Larry Wilson
Killing Deer 12:57 Read by Nemo
Autumn Days 9:00 Read by Nemo
From Como to Milan During the War of 1848 14:43 Read by Cleon Cumberbatch
Herbert Spencer on the Yankee 9:04 Read by Cleon Cumberbatch
Honor 7:14 Read by DrPGould
Joseph Wesley Harper 6:04 Read by DL Archer
Review of Union Troops, 1865 10:00 Read by DrPGould
April 1865 7:03 Read by Ed Fenton
Washington in 1867 9:12 Read by DL Archer
Reception to the Japanese Ambassadors at the White House 11:28 Read by Availle
The Maid and the Wit 7:40 Read by DrPGould
The Departure of the Great Eastern 7:16 Read by DrPGould
Church Street 14:00 Read by DrPGould
Historic Buildings 12:43 Read by DL Archer
The Boston Music Hall 12:08 Read by DrPGould
Public Benefactors 7:19 Read by DrPGould
Mr. Tibbins's New-Year Call 9:14 Read by DrPGould
The New England Sabbath 7:46 Read by Larry Wilson
The Reunion of Anti-Slavery Veterans, 1884 8:12 Read by DL Archer
Reform Charity 11:49 Read by DrPGould
Bicycle Riding for Children 7:03 Read by aniroo
The Dead Bird Upon Cyrilla's Hat an Encouragement of 'Slarter' 6:35 Read by brianna
Cheapening his Name 7:12 Read by DrPGould
Clergymen's Salaries 14:51 Read by Larry Wilson