Anton Tchekhov: and other essays

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This book was called Nachala i Kontzy when first published in 1908 in Russian and has been titled Anton Tchekhov and other essays as well as Penultimate Words in English when published in 1916. Lev Shestov, like Soren Kierkegaard before him, liked to ask questions. He asks if its possible to disentangle the hidden meaning of Tchekhov's works. If Dostoevsky is doomed eternally to be 'on the eve'. What if every possibility should have been exhausted, and endless repetition should begin? He discusses writers and philosophers such as Schopenhauer, Ibsen, Dostoevsky, Kant, and the ancient Greek philosophers in this book. Shestov has been called a Christian philosopher who philosophized with all his being. (by Craig Campbell) (6 hr 15 min)