Star Hunter

Read by Leonie Rose

(4.3 stars; 391 reviews)

"Somewheres on the jungle world of Jumala, there was a man in hiding—a man whose mind had been reconditioned with another's brain pattern and for whom there was a fabulous reward. Star Hunter is a thrill-packed account of that other-worldly game of hide-and-seek between a man who did not know all his own powers and an interstellar safari that sought something no man had a right to find...." (summary from gutenberg etext) (3 hr 43 min)


Chapter 1 17:32 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 2 17:25 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 3 16:13 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 4 17:00 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 5 13:48 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 6 14:56 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 7 16:09 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 8 16:39 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 9 16:20 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 10 20:46 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 11 20:46 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 12 17:32 Read by Leonie Rose
Chapter 13 18:07 Read by Leonie Rose


Really good story

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this story. I love classic sci fi. Hume has a score to settle with the people who drummed him out of his pilot job. As a member of the Hunter's Guild, he encounters a planet that holds the key to his revenge, but he needs the help of someone who is less than honest. The best person to partner with is the ruthless crime boss Wass. They put their plan in effect, only to encounter a third player, an intelligent life on the planet that should have been inhabited only by animals. The recordings are fine, the reader did a great job, and the story was great! Enjoy!

This was a great story.Not boring!

(5 stars)

Was listening to get bored to sleep but book was too good!

Star Hunter

(5 stars)

Well read, fun listen - thanks!

Misleading title. The story is not remotely about hunting a star

(4 stars)

Interesting storyline with twists and turns set on an alien world with many unknowns. The first reader is very good through the main part of the story,however, there is a new reader for the last few chapters. The second reader reads the words rather than providing color to the story. A drab change to an otherwise interesting story

A Good Read

(4 stars)

The reader did a fairly good job. I think she needs a microphone upgrade however but overall not bad.

I love this

(5 stars)

Hunter is the best I love you is really good story I'm not lying Skylanders is really good I mean I like it though it's a real hear what you're saying but wow pictures of mitt Romney so I love this it's amazing so how do I listen to this every time it's really fun amazing I like it though it's a little and I don't know what to do and there's like so many other things show really good it's really good though I mean I don't know what to say pictures of the best I can ever and it's the best I can listen to I mean it's really good I mean what how it just wears me pictures think about what it's standing it's amazing

Never got into this one

(2 stars)

I tend to listen to books very distractedly whilst I’m doing other things and I also listen to very small chunks at a time. This book doesn’t lend itself to the scenario and I never really got into the story. This could be more to do with me though then the quality of the lesson. It took me by surprise when it suddenly ended and I can’t really say I have a found it gripping at any point. The narrator was okay, if a bit flat. Not a criticism though and obviously we are grateful for the effort put in.

Enjoyed it

(4 stars)

Enjoyed the story, although I didn't quite care as much for the ending, overall a good listen. The reader did a great job from start to finish, about as good as anything else I've heard on LibriVox, I would listen to anything else from the same reader again.