The Book of Lieh-Tzu

Read by Chris Masterson

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Although Lieh Tzu's work has evidently passed through the hands of many editors and gathered numerous accretions, there remains a considerable nucleus which in all probability was committed to writing by Lieh Tzu's immediate disciples, and is therefore older than the genuine parts of Chuang Tzu. There are some obvious analogies between the two authors, and indeed a certain amount of matter common to both; but on the whole Lieh Tzu's book bears an unmistakable impress of its own. The geniality of its tone contrasts with the somewhat hard brilliancy of Chuang Tzu, and a certain kindly sympathy with the aged, the poor and the humble of this life, not excluding the brute creation, makes itself felt throughout. - From Lionel Giles Introduction (2 hr 56 min)


Editorial & Intro 14:41 Read by Chris Masterson
Cosmogony 31:22 Read by Chris Masterson
The Yellow Emperor 35:36 Read by Chris Masterson
Dreams 21:46 Read by Chris Masterson
Confucius 12:14 Read by Chris Masterson
The Questions of T'ang 21:46 Read by Chris Masterson
Effort & Destiny 10:27 Read by Chris Masterson
Causality 28:30 Read by Chris Masterson



(5 stars)

This is an entertaining text, and the proformance/recording is smooth. I'm better for having listened to it, so thanks for the nothing!

(5 stars)

Peaceful to listen when trying to rest. Nice reader.


(5 stars)

A valuable text that is full of wisdom.