Bert Wilson at the Wheel

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First volume of an adventure series for young adults - Summary by kathrinee (5 hr 2 min)


The ''Red Scout'' 10:25 Read by tommack
The Flying Auto 17:12 Read by tommack
The Copperhead 13:51 Read by tommack
The Challenge 11:03 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Hoboes and the Bees 13:46 Read by Kathleen Moore
Shorty Goes to the Ant 14:25 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Ants go Milking 22:45 Read by Diana Schmidt
The Gipsy Caravan 23:46 Read by Michele Fry
How the ''Red Scout'' Climbed Dobb's Hill 22:50 Read by tommack
Quick Work 10:03 Read by tommack
The Four-Legged Recruit 12:48 Read by tommack
The Youngsters' Great Day 28:49 Read by Kathleen Moore
Dave's Tiger Story 15:29 Read by Foon
With Death Behind 20:04 Read by Michele Fry
Mountain Scouting 15:32 Read by Diana Schmidt
By a Hair's-Breadth 17:43 Read by tommack
Biddy Harrigan Remembers 9:24 Read by tommack
The Race 22:51 Read by tommack