Fairy Tales from Gold Lands Volume Two

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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High as the clouds are the mountains bold
That tower in the glorious Land of Gold,
And cañons dusky with twilight deep
Where a thousand mystic shadows peep.
There are vineyards graceful with trailing vine
Rich in the wealth of the rosy wine,
There are orange groves and lime trees green
That glint in the sunlight’s glowing sheen,
There are deserts yellow with priceless sand,
All these you will find in the Golden Land. - Summary by May Wentworth (3 hr 32 min)


The Little Lace-Maker 14:28 Read by K. Merrill Emmons
Golden Snow 36:29 Read by Jedanjo
Gracia and Catrina 36:25 Read by Darko
The Dancing Sunbeam 9:27 Read by Lynne T
The Young Gold-Seeker 12:44 Read by NancyBeth Griffiths
The Wishing Cap 22:08 Read by Lisa S. Ware
Crimson Tuft Part 1 25:31 Read by Foon
Crimson Tuft Part 2 28:03 Read by Foon
Snowdrop and Rosebud 19:03 Read by eabitterman
Lazarus and Bummer 8:35 Read by Mariah Martin Shein