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This was originally a lecture given by Thoreau in 1851 at the Concord lyceum titled "The Wild" . He revised it before his death and it was included as part of the June 1862 edition of Atlantic Monthly. This essay appears, on the surface, to be simply expounding the qualities of Nature and man's place therein. Through this medium he not only touches those subjects, but with the implications of such a respect for nature, or lack thereof. (Summary by Chris Masterson) (1 hr 29 min)


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this is wonderful

(5 stars)

It's what you would expect from this great man and lover of nature. I'm just back from a trip into the woods where I walked for hours and he makes me want to go right back. Enjoy!

(5 stars)

Another pleasant experience of his writing. Much appreciation for him taking the time to take others on his, walk with nature.

I accept it.

(5 stars)

American mythology is like butter for Soul