The Texan Star

Read by Edmonds

(4.2 stars; 95 reviews)

This is the first story in the Texan series by Joseph Altsheler. The Texan Star outlines the great Texan struggle for freedom, following the adventures of the main character, Ned Fulton. (Summary by Edmonds) (8 hr 57 min)


The Prisoners 22:30 Read by Edmonds
A Hair-Cut 14:13 Read by Edmonds
Sanctuary 24:46 Read by Edmonds
The Palm 21:09 Read by Edmonds
In The Pyramid 16:30 Read by Edmonds
The March With Cos 26:54 Read by Edmonds
The Dungeon Under The Sea 35:08 Read by Edmonds
The Black Jaguar 24:22 Read by Edmonds
The Ruined Temples 22:07 Read by Edmonds
Cactus and Mexicans 28:14 Read by Edmonds
The Long Chase 26:41 Read by Edmonds
The Trial of Patience 24:10 Read by Edmonds
The Texans 20:06 Read by Edmonds
The Ring Tailed Panther 23:36 Read by Edmonds
The First Gun 26:37 Read by Edmonds
The Coming of Urrea 30:32 Read by Edmonds
The Old Convent 24:17 Read by Edmonds
In San Antonio 23:04 Read by Edmonds
The Battle By The River 21:52 Read by Edmonds
The Wheel of Fire 37:39 Read by Edmonds
The Texan Star 23:12 Read by Edmonds
The Taking of the Town 19:40 Read by Edmonds


(5 stars)

A great book depicting the brave and bold Texans as they strive to liberate themselves from Mexican domination. The reader didn't do badly, but actually rather well. but the close of each chapter and beginning of each chapter the reader exposes himself as an irreverent goon, Mr. Duck, not appropriate for such a book.

good story, well read

(4 stars)

Good story. Not sure what is up with the “Mr Duck” but hey. Whatever.

(3.5 stars)

Great book, narrator is an acquired taste. Be warned that in chapter two he skips a portion of the book, and I went on to project Gutenberg to find the part I missed. Mr. Duck seems to get all sorts of reactions from listeners, some live him, some don't. But I rather enjoyed him and I would always say "Mr. Duck" in his funny voice alongside him at the chapter starts.

Good Book, Over Confident Narrator

(4 stars)

Fun book but the narrator was awful. He made an effort but he doesn't understand vocal tone apparently. Obed White always sounds sinisterly whispery. All the Mexicans sound EXACTLY the same, both in voice and tone. It would have been alright if the narrator didn't clearly have a higher view of his skill than he actually had.

(4 stars)

fascinating book. I'm very familiar with Mexico and was able to mentally follow his journeys and enjoyed having a reader who could actually pronounce the names of the Aztec and Mayan ruins and who bothered to use different voices. the only thing I didn't like was it ends very abruptly.

great book made better by an amazing narrator, Mr Duck πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜…

(5 stars)

loves this book! the narrator was the best! I often lost myself in his readings. Excellent!

Great Great Story & Mr Duck!

(5 stars)

great story. always interesting. Mr Duck is an excellent, dramatic narrator!

the Texan star

(5 stars)

wonderful Adventure set on history Of Texas