The Case of Jennie Brice

Read by Wina Hathaway

(4.5 stars; 229 reviews)

The flood brings in not only the muddy waters but a series of suspicious clues that convinced Mrs. Pitman, a boarding house keeper, that a murder has been committed at her boarding house. Jennifer Ladley aka Jennie Brice is missing and with the help of Mr. Holcombe, a quirky gentleman with a passion for mysteries, they embark on a quest for the truth behind the disappearance of Jennie Brice. (summary by Wina Hathaway) (3 hr 56 min)


Chapter 01 12:23 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 02 17:05 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 03 22:39 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 04 14:15 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 05 18:05 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 06 11:10 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 07 8:04 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 08 26:08 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 09 12:20 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 10 12:04 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 11 10:54 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 12 10:20 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 13 11:52 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 14 15:35 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 15 16:38 Read by Wina Hathaway
Chapter 16 17:01 Read by Wina Hathaway


Easy listening

(4 stars)

This was a fun mystery to listen to. I particularly liked the character Rinehart picked for her narrator - a gentlewoman by birth who had been estranged from her family when she married for love and now is keeping a boarding house in the flood district. In telling the story, Rinehart brings out her narrator's quirks: pride, jealousy, indignation, and a soft heart hidden behind that gruff exterior. Wina Hathaway does a great job of reading. Her accent puts the emphasis off a beat in some sentences, but her reading is clear and lively.

Very enjoyable

(4 stars)

I've listened to a few books by this author and she does a good narrator's voice - always humerous but an everyman. this plot was quite convoluted but very atmospheric: I can well imagine it as a 30s black and white movie with a bit of extra drama at the end. i also like the narrator's lightness of touch. it is well read. Thank you.

Charming, mystery! Beautifully read!

(5 stars)

LOVED IT! I found it a fun, fascinating mystery - that stumped me all the way along, with clever plot twists I hadn't seen coming. The reader was simply outstanding!! I've listened to many Librivox books, and truly enjoyed this one, so don't let the one negative review cause you concern, she did it with delicious aplomb! I love mysteries, but don't enjoy getting tense, and her voice was a delightful and perfect fit for this story, in my humble opinion. Charming and beautiful! I didn't have a bit of a hard time understanding her, and enjoyed it thoroughly as I washed dishes and etc., etc., etc. Simply didn't want to finish the chores! :). Bravo gentle reader!

Sweet mystery a glimpse into the past

(4 stars)

Set in the time when women's career options were to be married, be an actress or run a boarding house if she fell on hard times; and when people stoically accepted annual flooding of their homes, this mystery is about an actress who goes missing from a boarding house. Was she murdered or not? The tale has a love interest and is very much a reflection of the time in which it was written. Read at a good pace in an interesting accent.

good mystery

(4 stars)

I enjoyed the plot but got lost a few times. The reader does a good job with pronunciation but she has a way of pausing in the middle of sentences so that the thought is broken into confusing pieces. she also uses wrong emphasis and conveys confusing emotions. I think I would have liked the story a lot better with a different reader.

a mystery that will keep you guessing!

(5 stars)

the reader did an excellent job! thank you for your voluntary reading. this is an excellent mystery! short, but detailed. i kept changing my mind back and forth about who was dead and who was alive and who killed who or who was hiding or runoff. a cute clean book.

(5 stars)

I loved this. My favorite from this author, hands down. She employed some needed editing which only enriched her talent for story telling. I was initially concerned about the reader's accent, however within about 30 seconds was accustomed. She read beautifully and lent much to the pace and character of the book as a result.

Quirky mystery

(4 stars)

This mystery was interesting, lots of twists and turns. The narrator did a good job and did bring to life the character of a gentlewoman who has come down in circumstances. Overall a fairly decent and entertaining story but not sure I can give it a 5.