Slicko, the Jumping Squirrel

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The Squirrel family lived half-way up a tall tree in their cozy little home, lined with soft, dried leaves and white, fluffy cotton. Slicko and her siblings are getting jumping lessons today from Mr. Squirrel. Slicko meets a new friend and goes on an adventure which gets her into a bit of trouble. What will happen to poor Slicko? (Ann Boulais) (2 hr 33 min)


Slicko Learns to Jump 12:08 Read by snarkychaser
Slicko Meets Squinty 19:31 Read by Shasta
Slicko Goes on a Visit 13:44 Read by Shasta
Slicko Sees a Circus 18:08 Read by Shasta
Slicko and Tum Tum 9:59 Read by Sunbeard
Slicko Goes Nutting 11:25 Read by Sunbeard
Slicko is Caught 13:45 Read by Loraine Flegal
Slicko's New Home 10:19 Read by Jim Locke
Slicko Does Some Tricks 9:45 Read by Chuck de Sully
Slicko Runs Away 10:44 Read by Kathleen Moore
Slicko's Big Adventure 13:30 Read by Kathleen Moore
Slicko Finds Her Nest 10:07 Read by Kathleen Moore