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The story is about a little girl who meets all manner of strange gnomes, fairies and creatures after she goes to sleep at night. She also has two invisible brothers whom she created so as to not be alone while her parents travel for the Crown. The author here produces an alternative version of fairyland to the more traditional European form, that is bizarre, entertaining and funny at the same time. - Summary by phil chenevert and Wikipedia (3 hr 0 min)


In the Old Four-Posted Bed 13:07 Read by Corrinne LePage
Off on an Adventure 3:14 Read by Corrinne LePage
They Make an Enemy 4:22 Read by Corrinne LePage
In the Middle of a Thunderstorm 5:44 Read by Corrinne LePage
They Meet Their First Bear 8:16 Read by Kathleen Moore
Under the Snow 5:16 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Castle of the South Wind 7:11 Read by Kathleen Moore
Towards the Great West Land 13:21 Read by Kathleen Moore
In the Tropics 5:52 Read by Kathleen Moore
Shipwrecked 3:53 Read by Kathleen Moore
Waomba-Mother of the West Land 6:49 Read by Phil Chenevert
Lost in a Forest 11:36 Read by Phil Chenevert
In the Arms of the Mist Maidens 5:33 Read by Abigail Johnston
Inside a Crocodile 9:32 Read by April6090
The Clerk of the Weather Lays a Trap 8:26 Read by April6090
Discovered by the East Wind 8:42 Read by April6090
The Strangest Ride that Ever Was 5:17 Read by Abigail Johnston
The East Wind and the White Elephant 5:34 Read by Abigail Johnston
The East Wind in a Rage 4:13 Read by Abigail Johnston
In the Den of the Spinster Spider 12:19 Read by jenno
Coppertop and the Old Mother-Bird 6:57 Read by ceekay
Tibbs and Kiddiwee to the Rescue 9:29 Read by April6090
The December Day is Almost Theirs 4:49 Read by April6090
Biddy-be-sure, the Irish Witch 3:46 Read by April6090
Coppertop Kisses the Blarney Stone 7:17 Read by April6090