The Fairy Spinning Wheel and the Tales it spun

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(4.8 stars; 14 reviews)

This is a little volume of old-fashioned fairy tales, collected and rewritten by Catulle Mendès and translated from the French and adapted for an American audience by TJ Vivian. This collection contains some of the most well-known fairy tales, such as the Sleeping Beauty, but also contains some tales which the listener may not be familiar with yet. There is much to discover in these pages. - Summary by Carolin (2 hr 28 min)


Introduction 2:44 Read by Foon
The Sleeping Beauty 12:22 Read by Emma Charlotte
The Three Sowers 11:11 Read by David Derida
The Princess Birdie 12:00 Read by Emma Charlotte
The Mirror 12:22 Read by Emma Charlotte
Snowheart 10:10 Read by Foon
The Fatal Wish 8:24 Read by Foon
A Poor Diet 8:56 Read by Karla Patin
The Money-Box 12:10 Read by Karla Patin
A Wonderful Attraction 8:30 Read by Julia Mikheeva
The Lame Angel 6:15 Read by antonygirgis
The Two Daisies 9:57 Read by Foon
The Dear Departed 8:55 Read by antonygirgis
Lord Roland's Grief 12:24 Read by GentleJim
The Last of the Fairies 12:19 Read by BettyB