1000 Things Worth Knowing

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Part almanac, part encyclopedia, part dictionary, Nathaniel C. Fowler, Jr. gives us his idea of important, but sometimes obscure, facts that he thinks should be in our bank of general knowledge. He includes a large section on medical emergency and health. Items are arranged in alphabetical order, so there is no logical presentation, but reference is made easy. Or, it is just interesting browsing, and a glimpse into the world of the early twentieth century. - Summary by Larry Wilson (8 hr 27 min)


Preface 1:22 Read by Larry Wilson
Acetylene Gas - Artificial Ice 5:35 Read by Logan Lorenz
Atlantic Cable 6:52 Read by Pamela Nagami
Atmosphere - Birth Stones 5:51 Read by Zozue
Blind - Brook Farm 5:38 Read by Zozue
Calculating Interest 11:03 Read by Zozue
Canals - Celluloid 6:48 Read by Zozue
Certified Checks - Climate and Temperature 4:47 Read by Zozue
Coal Industry - Comets 4:58 Read by Zozue
Common Measurements - Communism and Socialism 5:09 Read by BettyB
Comparative Population of the United States - Corsets 12:31 Read by Greg Giordano
Cosmetics - Crust of the Earth 5:19 Read by BettyB
Daguerreotypes - Digestibility of Foods 4:39 Read by BettyB
Distances Between Cities in the United States 28:46 Read by BettyB
Diving Bells - Dynamite 5:35 Read by BettyB
Earth Facts - Earthquakes 5:36 Read by BettyB
Earthquake Areas of the Earth - Embezzlement 5:47 Read by Adele Pooley
Errors of History - Esperanto 5:00 Read by BettyB
Failures - Farm Production 11:33 Read by Pam Jameson
First Trans-Atlantic Steamship - Foretelling the Weather 5:21 Read by Amelia Chesley
Freemasonry - Grain Industry 4:58 Read by BettyB
Gravity - Great Tunnels 4:47 Read by BettyB
Hair Growers - Health 4:03 Read by GrimsonB
Historical Facts 14:03 Read by BettyB
Holy Grail - Insane 6:26 Read by BettyB
Iron Industry - Languages of the World 3:26 Read by BettyB
Large Cities of North America Akron, O. - Muskogee, Okla. 11:26 Read by BettyB
Large Cities of North America Nashua, N. H. - Winnipeg, Man. 10:34 Read by BettyB
Law - Liquor and Wine Industry 8:22 Read by BettyB
Literature - Moon 5:59 Read by BettyB
Mortality - Naturalization 5:20 Read by Adele Pooley
Newspapers - Ocean Ownership 4:50 Read by BettyB
Old Time Ships - Partnership 5:41 Read by Adele Pooley
Patent Medicines 7:45 Read by Eva Staes
Perpetual Motion - Pole Star 3:29 Read by Adele Pooley
Population and Land Area of the United States - Population Per Square Mile 22:55 Read by Greg Giordano
Porto Rico - Principal Countries of the World 10:25 Read by BettyB
Printing Presses - Pure Food 7:33 Read by WilkieMills
Pyramids - Roads 6:19 Read by Pam Jameson
Round Table - Seven Deadly Sins 4:38 Read by Marta A
Seven Liberal Arts - Ship Bells 5:55 Read by Marta A
Slavery - Solar System 6:10 Read by Marta A
Some Things Worth Knowing - Spectacles and Glasses 3:32 Read by BettyB
Sporting, Speed, and Other Records - Airship Records - Endurance Records 6:44 Read by Foon
Sporting, Speed, and Other Records - Hammer Throwing - Shot Putting Professional 7:15 Read by Foon
Sporting, Speed, and Other Records - Skating Amateur - Walking Records Professi… 9:07 Read by Foon
Standard Time - Stars, Their Number 4:52 Read by Amelia Chesley
Star Spangled Banner - Statistics of Population United States, by States 12:19 Read by BettyB
Stature and Weights 11:01 Read by Greg Giordano
Steam Engine - Sugar Industry 4:30 Read by Foon
Sunday Schools - Telegraph 5:15 Read by Foon
Telephone - Thunder 5:07 Read by Foon
Ticket-of-Leave - Tom Thumb 4:45 Read by Foon
To Produce Different Colors - Turbines 5:12 Read by Foon
Type - United States Flag 4:15 Read by Foon
United States History in Brief 9:28 Read by BettyB
University Extension - Watered Stock 4:32 Read by Marta A
Wealth of Nations - Wedding Anniversaries 3:24 Read by BettyB
Weights and Measures 10:14 Read by Foon
What to Do in Emergencies 4:36 Read by Eva Staes
Accidents - Baths 3:54 Read by Foon
Bleeding - Chilblains 4:57 Read by Foon
Cleanliness - Diphtheria 4:48 Read by Foon
Disinfectants - Dog Bites 3:22 Read by Marta A
Drowning 3:58 Read by Marta A
Drowning Another Method - Emergencies with Children 3:54 Read by Marta A
Emergency Medicines - Glycerin 3:30 Read by Eva Staes
Emergency Medicines - Peppermint - Emetics and Stimulants 3:14 Read by Eva Staes
Exercise - Fainting 4:22 Read by Foon
Feeding an Invalid - Fumigating a Sick-Room 4:17 Read by Foon
Getting Things into the Eye, Nose, Ear, etc. - Hiccoughs 3:58 Read by Marta A
How to Avoid Accidents - Neuralgia 4:55 Read by Marta A
Poison - For Poisonous Mushrooms 5:05 Read by Amelia Chesley
Pulse - Scalds and Burns 4:17 Read by Marta A
Shock or Collapse -Sore Throat 3:44 Read by RussellEric
Sprains - Sunstroke 3:37 Read by RussellEric
Temperature of the Body - Vomiting 3:54 Read by RussellEric
Wills - Woman's Suffrage 3:38 Read by RussellEric
Women Voters - Yankee Doodle 4:32 Read by Larry Wilson


Trivia and Statistics

(3 stars)

There are a lot of statistics which I think the author copied directly from US Census results. He also gave some good advice about not taking other people's medicine, but most of the emergency medical treatment is dreadfully out of date.

(3 stars)

that sure enough is a thousand things I truly appreciate having knowledge of now knowing, and now can rest easy with that thoughtful insight..... I think 🤔

(0.5 stars)

should be called who the hell cares oh my God waste of time