A Little Queen of Hearts

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(4.5 stars; 4 reviews)

A charming children's story following the trials and tribulations of the simple life of Marie-Celeste as she endears herself to everyone whose life she touches. With her parents, she moves to Windsor Castle to live with her orphaned cousin and learns about Queen Victoria, her life, home and family as well as other aspects of English life, sharing her knowledge and innocent insight in a delightful way. (7 hr 27 min)


Harold and Ted Have It Out 14:07 Read by Lynne T
Good-Morning, Mr. Hartley 17:10 Read by Diana Schmidt
Aboard A White Star 23:16 Read by Annike Lindhout
A Friend By The Way 9:28 Read by Kelly5
And Still Another 18:45 Read by Ellies
The Castle Wonderful 24:23 Read by Lynne T
'And Now Good Morning' 23:29 Read by R. R. Oldja
Something Of A Scrape 18:54 Read by Annike Lindhout
Getting Out Of It 15:41 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
A Knight-Of-The-Garter Party 29:18 Read by Ellies
What Came Of A Letter 19:30 Read by Alice Jane
Donald's New Quarters 16:22 Read by Alice Jane
Madame La Grande Reine 22:46 Read by Ellies
Madame La Petite Reine 37:34 Read by Ellies
A Daring Suggestion 18:49 Read by Bhavya
Marie-Celeste's Discovery 23:42 Read by Rainee
Into Ted's Confidence 17:50 Read by Alice Jane
Rather A Bookish Chapter 19:14 Read by Roohi
Donald Turns Valet 21:48 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
Dorothy Calls Marie-Celeste To Account 19:04 Read by Roohi
What Happened In The Smallest Church In England 14:58 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
The Little Castle's New Inmates 10:00 Read by Bhavya
For Love Of Marie-Celeste 11:27 Read by Roohi