A Vanished Hand

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(3.7 stars; 12 reviews)

Memories haunt Elsie Kilner at every turn. Kicked out of her family home, she finds a new abode in which she finds fragments of a diary. It begins with the words: "If I only knew that some one would be kind to Jamie". Finding a kindred spirit in the author of the diary, Elsie goes on a search. - Summary by Stav Nisser. (4 hr 3 min)


CHAPTER I - IN A BACK ROOM 14:09 Read by Maggie Mizzi
CHAPTER II - WHAT WAS WRITTEN 8:43 Read by Jessie Yun
CHAPTER III - TAKING COUNSEL 13:09 Read by Jim Locke
CHAPTER IV - MRS. TRYON 10:36 Read by Jim Locke
CHAPTER V - MRS. BEATON 11:34 Read by Jim Locke
CHAPTER VI - HAROLD AND META 14:14 Read by Jim Locke
CHAPTER VII - MRS. PENN 12:13 Read by jenno
CHAPTER VIII - LOOKING AT PICTURES 12:08 Read by Kathleen Moore
CHAPTER IX - MEETINGS 11:59 Read by Kathleen Moore
CHAPTER X - LONELINESS 9:54 Read by Kathleen Moore
CHAPTER XI - MRS. VERDON 13:10 Read by jenno
CHAPTER XII - HIS FIRST VISIT 10:38 Read by jenno
CHAPTER XIV - RUSHBROOK 12:43 Read by jenno
CHAPTER XV - WAYNE'S COURT 14:16 Read by jenno
CHAPTER XVI - GOING TO CHURCH 12:26 Read by jenno
CHAPTER XVII - THE PICNIC 10:43 Read by jenno
CHAPTER XVIII - THE ISLAND 25:51 Read by jenno
CHAPTER XIX - CONCLUSION 12:03 Read by jenno


(2 stars)

well written, and mostly well read, except for several chapters in the center, that I elected to skip over do to reader, or recording quality.