Dracula (version 4)

Read by Corrinne LePage

(4.7 stars; 327 reviews)

Dracula is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. It introduced Count Dracula, and established many conventions of subsequent vampire fantasy. The novel tells the story of Dracula's attempt to move from Transylvania to England so that he may find new blood and spread the undead curse, and of the battle between Dracula and a small group of men and a woman led by Professor Abraham Van Helsing. - Summary by Wikipedia (15 hr 33 min)


Chapter I - Jonathan Harker's Journal 33:19 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter II - Jonathan Harker's Journal 32:00 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter III - Jonathan Harker's Journal 35:23 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter IV - Jonathan Harker's Journal 34:11 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter V - Letters - Lucy and Mina 20:01 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter VI - Mina Murray's Journal 31:06 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter VII - Cutting from The Dailygraph 35:44 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter VIII - Mina Murray's Journal 37:02 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter IX - Mina Harker to Lucy Westenra 33:40 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chaper X - Dr Seward to Hon. Arthur Holmwood 33:48 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XI - Lucy Westenra's Diary 27:36 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XII - Dr. Seward's Diary 38:00 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XIII - Dr. Seward's Diary 38:51 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XIV - Mina Harker's Journal 36:29 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XV - Dr. Seward's Diary 33:49 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XVI - Dr. Seward's Diary 26:52 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XVII - Dr. Seward's Diary 30:44 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XVIII - Dr. Seward's Diary 40:43 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XIX - Jonathan Harker's Journal 31:26 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XX - Jonathan Harker's Journal 32:32 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XXI - Dr. Seward's Diary 36:17 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XXII - Jonathan Harker's Journal 32:24 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XXIII - Dr. Seward's Diary 33:25 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XXIV - Dr. Seward's Phonographic Diary, spoken by Dr. Van Helsing 37:33 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XXV - Dr. Seward's Diary 37:48 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XXVI - Dr. Seward's Diary 42:08 Read by Corrinne LePage
Chapter XXVII - Mina Harker's Journal 50:26 Read by Corrinne LePage


unexpectedly tender and sweet

(5 stars)

The respect and love shared amongst team members was refreshing and touching. All the accents and dialects were courageously taken on by Corinne Lepage and she did them justice. I plan to listen to more of her recordings as this one was extremely well done.

best of the versions

(5 stars)

the reading style was smooth and each character had a different voice. great

Corinne LePage reading got "modified & uploaded" on Spotify. ???

(5 stars)

(If this should be inappropriate, please let me know, and remove the entry.) This is no comment, it's an observation and I wonder, if my "finding" is ok or not. I just came across an audio book of Dracula, that has been uploaded on the 3rd of May. I listen to the beginnings of the first two chapters. Her signature "This reading is by Corinne LePage... LibriVox... Public Domain" has been cut. But it is her voice and her work she did for everyone for free. I can't imagine the dedication and energy one has to put into read a book like she did with this novel. Something I'm unable to do.* Therefore I have been shocked to find her altered recording with added commercials on Spotify. I wonder if that is legal? Thank you *(I'm very bad at reading out loud, even as an adult today,because I fear a panic attack. When I knew, I would have to read something in class, I often learnt the whole text by heart to avoid a panic. (really cruel teacher in elementary school))

Superb, edge-of-your seat thrills. Superbly read.

(4.5 stars)

Never actually read the original book before but now see how it has endured not only as a dusty “classic” of literature but a thrilling, suspenseful novel too. I can imagine Victorians being scared silly too. Some of the views are a bit outdated but quite quaintly so, nothing offensive. Onto the reading, which was easily the best of those I tried to listen to. I get the feeling she is not a native English speaker or at least not British, as I have the feeling she was reading some of the words and phrases phonetically, without understanding their meaning. Thus they came across rather oddly pronounced. Some of the accents made me chuckle but kudos to her for doing them and doing such a brilliantly dramatic and entertaining job.

such a classic

(4.5 stars)

It is surprising how creepy and at times violent this book is. Nothing is spared. No one is safe. Stoker mocks the thought of the frailty of women by making them seems so subservient and dutiful then proves how important they are with them being there with answers, plans, bravery, and fortitude until the end. I listened to this as part of a book club and it was wonderful. It was so much fun to be able to discuss what was happening and to get different viewpoints.

Acceptable US reading

(4 stars)

This is one of my most often read books, and I enjoyed having it read to me. The accents were not entirely terrible, and there were only three or four really noticeable mistakes (mostly repeated sentences) or horribly mispronounced words. The reading was fluent, and the accents were consistent, if not always realistic. (Most notably the Scots sailor and, hilariously, the American, Quincy.) Thank you very much.

Excellent Reader and Timeless Classic

(4.5 stars)

Le Page has done a wonderful job bringing Stokers enigmatic story and characters to life. I will say that Quincey Morris was rather cringey to listen to, but he is a very minor supporting character and doesn't say much throughout. Dracula isn't just a story of man vs. monster - it is also one of the spiritual warfare between good and evil.


(5 stars)

I've read this book many years ago and I enjoyed it very much but corrinne has made such a fine job of the reading that it was like a new book . Her voicing of the different characters was very good even though it was woman voicing mainly male characters . Very good job corrinne thank you .