Finnish Legends

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(4.2 stars; 4 reviews)

One dark winter's day in the north of Finland, Father Mikko seeks shelter in an isolated cabin till a storm abates. After dinner the family sit around the fire, and the daughter asks him to tell them "all the stories he had ever heard from the very beginning of the world all the way down", and so the book begins. In the words of the author "If this little volume may in any degree awake some interest in the Finnish people its author will be amply satisfied, and its end will have been attained." ( Annise) (4 hr 35 min)


Father Mikko 9:22 Read by Sonia
The World's Creation and the Birth of Wainamoinen 4:22 Read by Fatima Ansari
The Planting of Trees 5:42 Read by Fatima Ansari
Wainamoinen and Youkahainen 7:51 Read by Fatima Ansari
Aino's Fate 10:43 Read by Fatima Ansari
Wainamoinen's Search for Aino 4:49 Read by Fatima Ansari
Wainamoinen's Unlucky Journey 5:35 Read by Fatima Ansari
Wainamoinen's Rescue 6:35 Read by Sonia
The Rainbow Maiden 11:57 Read by Sonia
Ilmarinen Forges the Sampo 10:43 Read by Sonia
Lemminkainen and Kyllikki 6:46 Read by Phil Schempf
Kyllikki's Broken Vow 5:58 Read by Phil Schempf
Lemminkainen's Second Wooing 5:00 Read by Phil Schempf
Lemminkainen's Death 4:18 Read by Phil Schempf
Lemminkainen's Restoration 11:30 Read by Phil Schempf
Wainamoinen's Boat-Building 11:02 Read by bananatree
Wainamoinen Finds the Lost Words 9:27 Read by bananatree
The Rival Suitors 8:31 Read by Sonia
Ilmarinen's Wooing 7:00 Read by Sonia
The Brewing of Beer 9:06 Read by Sonia
Ilmarinen's Wedding Feast 6:31 Read by Foon
The Origon of the Serpent 7:43 Read by Foon
The Unwelcome Guest 5:19 Read by Foon
The Isle of Refuge 8:24 Read by Foon
The Frost Fiend 7:39 Read by Foon
Kullervo's Birth 6:42 Read by Farnood
Kullervo and Ilmarinen's Wife 5:05 Read by Farnood
Kullervo's Life and Death 7:18 Read by Farnood
Ilmarinen's Bride of Gold 4:24 Read by Farnood
Ilmarinen's Fruitless Wooing 3:55 Read by Farnood
Wainamoinen's Expedition and the Birth of the Kantele (Harp) 10:16 Read by Farnood
The Capture of the Sampo 6:46 Read by Farnood
The Sampo is Lost in the Sea 5:29 Read by Farnood
The Birth of the Second Kantele 4:56 Read by George Allen
Louhi Attempts Revenge 7:00 Read by Sonia
Louhi Steals the Sun, the Moon, and Fire 7:42 Read by Sonia
The Restoration of the Sun and Moon 6:33 Read by Sonia
Mariata and Wainamoinen's Departure 7:05 Read by Sonia



(2.5 stars)

A somewhat surreal collection of short episodes from Finnish folklore. Not for me I'm afraid. Several of the stories I could not listened to as the reader read so quickly and incomprehensively.