Badge of Infamy (version 2)

Read by Thomas Rose

(4.6 stars; 73 reviews)

Set in the early 22nd century: Dr. Daniel Feldman, stripped of rank and status and named pariah for violating Medical Lobby rules, stows away on a spaceship and flees to Mars Colony. There, while essentially practicing medicine without a license, he stumbles upon a plague organism indigenous to Mars, that threatens the whole colony and potentially the human race. Performing research to identify a cure, (also in gross violation of Medical Lobby rules) he must risk his life to buck the entrenched bureaucracy, bent on sweeping the whole matter under the rug in the name of political expediency. - Summary by Thomas Rose (3 hr 24 min)


Pariah 15:39 Read by Thomas Rose
Lobby 13:01 Read by Thomas Rose
Spaceman 11:16 Read by Thomas Rose
Martian 13:14 Read by Thomas Rose
Surgery 14:52 Read by Thomas Rose
Research 16:27 Read by Thomas Rose
Plague 11:46 Read by Thomas Rose
Fool 14:23 Read by Thomas Rose
Judgment 10:50 Read by Thomas Rose
Execution 11:59 Read by Thomas Rose
Convert 12:50 Read by Thomas Rose
War 15:30 Read by Thomas Rose
Susceptibility 11:33 Read by Thomas Rose
Immunity 14:08 Read by Thomas Rose
Decision 17:15 Read by Thomas Rose


I need more from this reader.

(5 stars)

He really brought the characters to life! I'd love to hear more from him! The story was brilliant, it's a shame it isn't longer. It would make a great movie.

Wonderfully read

(5 stars)

Another remarkable classic science fiction. Nice introduction to this author.

(3 stars)

A well narrated story which I enjoyed from the start. Recommended.

(5 stars)

I read Lester Del Ray as a teenager. 40 years ago. Recognized the name immediately. Good technology for its time. Fun story. Surprise ending. So well rounded. The reader was excellent. I will look for him in the future. Thanks

Bravo from Borneo

(4 stars)

This is a solid planetary based sci-fi story brilliantly brought to life by the narrator Thomas Rose who had the perfect voice and cadence. Great job. Well worth a listen.

Definitely worth a listen 👍

(5 stars)

Really enjoyed this short story. Enjoyed it a great deal more than I expected actually. The reader was brilliant, really brought the book alive and gave it depth.

I stopped smoking in 1971. !!! But missed going to Mars.

(4.5 stars)

(5 stars)

An engaging story and a superb reader.