The Tale of Grumpy Weasel

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(4.3 stars; 8 reviews)

From his Tuck-Me-In series, Arthur Scott Bailey wrote many "Tales" books about animals and birds to be read to children for bed-time stories. This story is about Grumpy Weasel and his friends (such as Jimmy Rabbit and Mr. Crow who are focused on in other books) in Pleasant Valley. ( Lynda Marie Neilson) (1 hr 45 min)


A Slim Rascal 4:30 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
At the Old Stone Wall 3:24 Read by Foon
Master Robin's Lesson 3:19 Read by Foon
Hunting a Hole 3:17 Read by Foon
Solomon Owl Interrupts 3:44 Read by Foon
Mr. Meadow Mouse Escapes 3:25 Read by Foon
Paddy Muskrat's Blunder 4:37 Read by John
The Dare 4:09 Read by John
Saving His Feet 3:40 Read by John
Ha! and Ha, Ha! 3:50 Read by John
A Long Race 4:38 Read by John
Winning by a Trick 3:31 Read by Sterling Bronwyn
Silly Mrs. Hen 3:33 Read by Sterling Bronwyn
Grumpy Vanishes 4:16 Read by John
The Great Mystery 4:57 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
Guarding the Corncrib 3:43 Read by John
Grumpy's Mistake 4:58 Read by John
Pop! Goes the Weasel 4:22 Read by John
Hiding from Henry Hawk 4:15 Read by John
A Free Ride 4:40 Read by John
A New Suit 3:49 Read by Kathleen Moore
Grumpy's Threat 3:49 Read by Kathleen Moore
A Bold Stranger 3:53 Read by Kathleen Moore
Fur and Feathers 4:19 Read by Kathleen Moore
Peter Mink's Promise 3:38 Read by Kathleen Moore
How Grumpy Helped 5:37 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson