A Drama of Exile

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In writing her 'Drama of Exile', Barrett's subject was 'the new and strange experience of the fallen humanity, as it went forth from Paradise into the wilderness'. The bizarre, lyrical scenes that follow powerfully describe the grief and guilt of Eve, the sorrowful pride of Lucifer, and the redeeming power of love. (summary by Patrick Beverley, quotation from the preface)

Cast of Characters:
Lucifer – Patrick Beverley
Gabriel – Jay Saunders
Adam – David Kleparek
Christ – David Muncaster
Eve – JemmaBlythe
Narrator, Revel Voices, Aged Voices – Barry Eads
Chorus of Eden Spirits, Earth Spirits – Margaret Espaillat
Spirits of Trees – Andrea Lee
River Spirits, Second Spirit – Miriam Esther Goldman
Bird Spirits – vanrose
Flower Spirits – Chrystal Layton
Angel Chorus, First Semichorus, Second Semichorus, Morning Star, Youthful Voices – Neeru Iyer
First Spirit, Love Voices – Rissa Byrne
Infant Voices – Mia Saunders
Poet Voices – Aaron Elliott
Philosophic Voices – Simon Larois

Audio edited by Barry Eads (1 hr 44 min)


Dramatis Personae 1:50 Read by Barry Eads
Scene 1 19:43 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Scene 2 26:42 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Scene 3, part 1 23:42 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Scene 3, part 2 32:41 Read by LibriVox Volunteers


A Drama of Exile

(5 stars)

This is one of my favorites from Elisabeth Barret Browning. I hope that I spelled her first name right...lol. Looking forward to some more of her material.

(0.5 stars)

I WAIL more! I can't ever use that word again.