From Queen's Gardens

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is the first part of a collection of poetry written by female poets. This part of From Queen's Gardens is a collection of 30 poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 0 min)


Work 1:21 Read by Ellies
Comfort 1:25 Read by Ellies
Consolation 0:59 Read by Beth Thomas
Irreparableness 1:18 Read by Ellies
Tears 1:25 Read by Ellies
Grief 1:20 Read by Ellies
Patience Taught by Nature 1:15 Read by K.G.Cross
Cheerfulness Taught by Reason 0:56 Read by Beth Thomas
De Profundis 6:54 Read by Farnood
Loved Once 3:45 Read by Farnood
My Kate 2:35 Read by Farnood
A False Step 1:20 Read by Farnood
A Lover's Sonnet 1:05 Read by Beth Thomas
A Portrait 3:13 Read by K.G.Cross
The Mask 2:15 Read by K.G.Cross
A Child's Thought of God 0:57 Read by Beth Thomas
The Best Thing in the World 0:58 Read by K.G.Cross
The Lady's 'Yes' 1:39 Read by K.G.Cross
Truth 1:42 Read by Beth Thomas
A Changed World 1:10 Read by Farnood
Love 1:04 Read by Farnood
The Prospect 1:11 Read by Farnood
Only a Curl 3:38 Read by K.G.Cross
A Question 1:38 Read by K.G.Cross
A Flower in a Letter 2:20 Read by Beth Thomas
Calls of the Heart 4:01 Read by Beth Thomas
A Man's Requirements 2:24 Read by K.G.Cross
Wisdom Unapplied 3:41 Read by K.G.Cross
Insufficiency 0:59 Read by Beth Thomas
A Valediction 2:20 Read by Beth Thomas